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Monthly House Rent Payment Proposed Amidst High Inflation

Nigeria finds itself grappling with a formidable economic challenge as inflation continues its upward trajectory. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, headline inflation surged from 29.9% in January to…

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I’m rich doesn’t mean you should ask me for money- Netizens React As Tiwa Savage Takes Stand Against Begging Culture

Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has taken to social media to voice her dissatisfaction with individuals who persistently ask her for money. The renowned musician, known for hits like “Somebody’s Son,”…

Latest Sport News

Ronaldo Hits The Beach With Family After Missing Out On Portugal’s Squad List

Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo from Al-Nassr has taken a break from the football field and headed to the coast of Saudi Arabia for a relaxing beach vacation. Alongside his family, he’s…

Latest Technology News

AI and Accessibility Challenges within the Metaverse

The Metaverse, a revolutionary virtual world, promises to transform the way we interact, socialize, and experience life. The metaverse refers to the convergence of physical and virtual space accessed through…

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Latest World News

Top 5 AI Productivity Tools: Free and Paid

As technology advances, there has been a development of some AI productivity tools developed to assist us with our daily activities.  These AI productivity tools help us automate repetitive tasks, …