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Nigeria finds itself grappling with a formidable economic challenge as inflation continues its upward trajectory.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, headline inflation surged from 29.9% in January to 31.7% in February, exacerbating the already burdensome cost of living for citizens.

Rent Reform Bill Despite Inflation

In response to the mounting pressure on citizens due to skyrocketing rents, Senator Ned Nwoko (PDP, Delta North) has proposed the “One-Month Rent Limitation and Landlord Registry Act.”

The bill aims to alleviate the financial strain on tenants by permitting monthly rent payments, as opposed to the conventional annual or multi-year obligations demanded by landlords.


Senator Nwoko emphasized the necessity of rent control, advocating for a system that is fair to both tenants and landlords. He highlighted the importance of formalizing tenancy agreements and implementing penalties for non-compliance.

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Government Response To Monthly Rent Payment

The Lagos State government has signaled its intent to adopt a similar approach, with plans to implement a monthly rent payment scheme. Barakat Odunuga-Bakare, Special Adviser to the State Governor on Housing, revealed that the scheme would prioritize affordability and be tailored to tenants’ earnings. Despite initial delays, the government remains committed to rolling out the program by the end of the year or early next year.

Industry Perspective Of Monthly Payment Amid Inflation

Property technology company SmallSmall has welcomed the government’s initiative, citing its alignment with its vision of providing flexible housing solutions.

The company, which pioneered monthly rental payments, believes that the transition will offer relief to low- and middle-income earners burdened by yearly rent obligations.

Tunde Balogun, founder/CEO of SmallSmall, emphasized the feasibility and benefits of monthly rentals, drawing from the company’s six years of successful implementation.

He urged the government to leverage existing expertise and industry players to streamline the process and maximize the program’s impact.

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As Nigeria grapples with soaring inflation and the resultant strain on citizens’ livelihoods, innovative solutions such as the proposed rent reform bill and monthly rental schemes offer a glimmer of hope.

With concerted efforts from policymakers, industry players, and stakeholders, there is optimism for alleviating the financial burdens faced by many Nigerians in the housing sector.

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