Why I Removed Fuel Subsidy- Tinubu Begs Nigerians For Patience

President Bola Tinubu has shed light on the rationale behind the removal of fuel subsidy, emphasizing the need for transparency and redirecting funds towards critical sectors.

Speaking at the seventh Nigeria International Energy Summit in Abuja, Tinubu outlined the government’s strategy to mitigate the impact on vulnerable Nigerians and foster economic growth.

Shared Equitably: Protecting Vulnerable Nigerians Amid Fuel Subsidy Removal

Tinubu stressed the importance of ensuring that the burden of fuel subsidy removal is shared equitably, particularly among the most vulnerable segments of society.


He highlighted the reinstatement of social investment programs aimed at providing safety nets for those hardest hit by the economic reforms.

Transitioning Towards a Sustainable Energy Future Despite Fuel Subsidy Removal

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Tinubu emphasized the imperative of transitioning towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources in line with global trends.

He underscored the economic opportunities presented by this shift while calling for innovation and collaboration to ensure a smooth and inclusive transition, leaving no one behind.

Navigating Energy Security and Transition: Collaborative Efforts at NIES 2024

With over 6000 delegates in attendance, the NIES 2024 provides a platform for stakeholders to chart a sustainable path forward in accelerating energy security, transition, and finance.

Messages of goodwill from key figures in the energy sector underscore the collaborative efforts needed to address the challenges and opportunities in Nigeria’s energy landscape.

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