We Are Not Only Now , We Are The Future -GRV

Gbadebo Rhodes-vivour GRV urges Labour party supporters to stand strong amidst religious war and propagandas by the All Progressive party , APC.

Ever since the elections ended in Nigeria, there have been a social media war between All Progressive party and labour party supporters on social media.

However, Lagos State gubernatorial candidate Gbadebo Rhodes-vivour GRV, has taken to his Twitter account(@GRVLagos) to urge Labour party supporters to stand strong.

He wrote:

Dear Obidients & Progressive Nigerians. Let’s not let these ethnic bigots bait us into a false narrative of tribalism. Our support is broadbased, across both ethnic and religious lines. It is based on values and ideology, not monetary inducement or patronage

This scares the hell out of the political status quo. That’s why two-weeks after the election, their propaganda machine is on overdrive with attempts at character assassination. They have realised we are not only the NOW, we are the FUTURE. #ObiDients #ourlagos

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So unlike they that are happy to kill,maim and suppress those they intend to govern, let’s build bridges and engage in massive membership mobilization, Their lies travel fast, but the truth is like a lion, it will always catch up and overcome.

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