I Have Not Abandoned Lagosians- GRV

Following the just concluded Gubernatorial Elections, Labour Party candidate gbadebo Rhodes-vivour shared photos of him visiting the victims of the violence during the election.

During the election, there was a lot of violence and some people lost their lives.

He also made this known via his verified Twitter account (@GRVlagos)

He wrote” Elections are not war.
Governance should be about protecting not shedding the blood of those you are meant to serve.

I’ve spent the last days reaching out, attending to & making sure those hurt by the violence unleashed by the ruling party got treatment.”

“It’s also been process of tragedy, we have been reaching out to the families of those who lost their lives for simply wanting to exercise their civic duty by voting on Saturday, which the ruling party deemed it fit to unleash violence on their own constituents”.

“I have not abandoned Lagosians, please if you were assaulted during the 2023 elections please fill this incident form along with your proof be it pictures or videos.
We are most importantly providing financial assistance to those injured”.

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