The Story Of Killi-We” Nwachukwu, The “Nigerian Superman”

Nwozuzu Nwachukwu popularly known as ‘Killi-We Nwachukwu, is an icon of strength from Imo state, in Nigeria, you can’t talk about strength/manpower without mentioning Killwee, Power Mike Okpara, and Ben Lion-Heart. These are true icons of strength and wrestling in Nigeria and Igboland.

About Nwozuzu Killi-We Nwachukwu

“Killi-We” Nwachukwu, was for more than two decades celebrated as a homegrown Nigerian “superman.” Some of his legendary feats of strength included lifting buses, having cement blocks crushed on his head, and allowing cars to drive over his body.

Indeed, An extraordinary characteristic of Superman! Nwozuzu Nwachukwu. The story has it that Killwee was an epithet he got after a battle with an obstinate man who wouldn’t pay him for a truck heap of products he passed on from the market to the man’s home.

He used to push a wooden two-wheel truck with which he conveyed merchandise for individuals. In those days lorries and trucks were not many and costly to enlist.

So subsequent to dropping off the merchandise, the man wouldn’t pay what Nwachukwu charged asserting it was excessively high. He attempted to leave, and Nwachukwu got him by the hand, demanding he pays.

A battle resulted and he lifted, hammered, and stuck the man to the ground. The man’s wife ran into the house and came out with a wooden pestle to safeguard her husband.
Nwachukwu grabbed it from her, lifted the lady up, and nailed her to the top of her husband on the ground.

She began shouting, Killi we o! Nwachukwu, You should Killi we o!” which means, Nwachukwu, kill us!

That’s how he got his name Killiwe

Back then in the 80s, Killiwe Nwachukwu was highly respected by numerous individuals of his generation for his power.

Some people have this to say about him:
He existed. Back in the eighties, he came to our school. We paid 50 Kobo to watch him.

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He carried 10 bags of cement on his stomach and toyed with a 504 Peugeot SR with a rope on his teeth.

The story had it that when he died, his body was deposited in Aladinma mortuary, he in the night, would carry down all other corpses and stretch himself on them.

He continued this till he was rejected by the morgue. He was real.

He was born in 1931 and died on October 31, 1992.

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