Remove TikTok from Corporate mobile phones-BBC to staff

BBC has encouraged their staff to remove social media app TikTok, owned by China from their work-related mobile devices.

This development came after government authorities worldwide called out the Chinese-owned app, TikTok for issues related to security and privacy.

Also, the British government came to a conclusion last week to ban the use of TikTok on all government-issued phones.

This is as a result of the fears that the Chinese government could be accessing highly sensitive information contained on official phones through TikTok.

Guidance issued by BBC says, ” We don’t recommend installing TikTok on a BBC corporate device unless there is a justified business reason”.

“If you do not need TikTok for business reasons, TikTok should be deleted”.

The guidance also points out that their employees can still be allowed to make use of the app using their corporate phones for editorial and marketing purposes.

It also adds that further instructions will be provided if need be.

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However, TikTok has stepped out to express dissatisfaction with the decision of BBC but is at home with the fact that BBC still considers making use of TikTok for marketing, editorial and reporting processes.

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