Sisi Quadri: 11 Things To Know About The Nollywood Star

Yoruba movie enthusiasts mourned as news of the passing of Tolani Quadri Oyebamiji, known as Sisi Quadri, spread throughout the industry.

Sisi Quadri: Place of birth

Sisi Quadri, born Tolani Quadri Oyebamiji, hailed from Ore, Ondo state, where he received his primary and secondary education. The talented actor gained prominence for his captivating performance in the Yoruba movie “Seniyan Seranko,” released on December 4, 2004.

His Talent

Fondly known as Sisi Quadri in the industry, he endeared himself to audiences with his unique portrayal of characters.

Sisi Quadri: in Anikulapo

He was eagerly anticipated to grace the screens once more in the upcoming film “Anikulapo: The Return of Spectre,” set for imminent release in cinemas.

His Friends

The heartbreaking news of Sisi Quadri’s passing was confirmed by his colleague, Tunde Olayusuf, who expressed deep sorrow at the loss. Yoruba movie enthusiasts mourned the loss of the actor, with fans and colleagues alike expressing their sadness and fond memories of the talented actor.

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Sisi Quadri’s Age

He dies at the age of 44 years old

His Impact

As the industry mourns his passing, Sisi Quadri’s contributions to Yoruba cinema will be remembered and cherished by all who knew him. Sisi Quadri’s versatility as an actor allowed him to portray a wide range of characters, earning him admiration and respect from his peers. Beyond his work on screen, he was known for his involvement in community initiatives, leaving a positive impact wherever he went.

While he may have left this world, his legacy will continue to live on through his work, inspiring future generations of actors and filmmakers in the Yoruba movie industry.

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