Real Estate Investment In Nigeria: All You Need To know In 2023

Real estate investment in Nigeria has become a popular trend over the years. Nigeria, a land of opportunity and potential for savvy investors! With its vibrant economy, large population, and rapid urbanization, Nigeria has a promising landscape for those seeking to grow their wealth through property investment.

From bustling cities to serene suburbs, the Nigerian real estate market presents a diverse range of investment options.

By Embracing the potential of Nigeria’s real estate sector and one can embark on a journey towards building a robust and profitable investment portfolio

Whether you’re interested in residential properties, commercial spaces, or even agricultural land, there’s a lucrative niche waiting for you.

In this article, we’ll explore the ins and outs of real estate investment in Nigeria. Discover key insights on the most promising regions, top real estate investment companies in Nigeria, legal considerations, and expert tips to make your investments a resounding success.

What Is Real Estate?

Before going into real estate investment it is important to know what real estate means.

Real estate refers to land and any physical properties attached to it such as houses, natural resources etc. It involves buying, selling, and renting properties.

Real estate can be residential(homes and Apartments, commercial(offices and hotels, industrial(factories or industries) or even agricultural( farms). It is indeed an essential sector in the economy.

What Is Real Estate Investment?

Real estate investment is the process of investing in real estate commodities to achieve a profit in return. It involves purchasing, managing and owning properties.

Real Estate investment is a way to build your portfolio. However, it comes with some risks and considerations such as property management, market fluctuations etc.

That is why in this article we’re going to look at some tips to follow to avoid these risks.

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Tips for considering before investing in real estate

Below are some things to consider before investing in real estate to minimise risks and loss.

1. Location of the property:

This is one of the major factors to consider before investing in real estate.

Consider properties in areas with good infrastructure, such as access to roads, transportation, and utilities, as this enhances property value and marketability.

Major cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt are hotspots for real estate investment in Nigeria.

However, despite them being major hotspots for real estate, they are still areas that are not good for real estate investment so it is advisable that a reconnaissance is being carried out first before proceeding to invest.

2. Seek professional guidance:

Engage qualified real estate agents, lawyers and property managers who have a deep understanding of the real estate market to guide you through the investment process.

3. Stay up to date with market trends:

Stay up-to-date with the market, price fluctuations, demand and supply to make strategic and informed decisions before investing. This can be achieved with the help of social media and analytics tools as they have proven effective in monitoring trends.

4. Budget:

You must consider the money at hand before investing in real estate. Ask yourself how much are you willing to spend. Making your budget will help you to find properties within your range. This will prevent you from overspending and leverage the risks that come with it.

5. The type of property:

this is one of the factors to consider before going into real estate investment in Nigeria.

Whether it is a commercial property, residential property or an industrial property depending on your preference and your expected profit and the location of the property.

It is crucial to analyze the investment property the benefits and drawbacks of each type of investment property on your list.

Carry out market research to know the investment properties with high demand. Is the current demand trend expected to increase or decrease in the future?

Remember that Choosing the right type of investment property is key to a successful investment.

6. Rules and regulations of the country:

it is crucial that you know and understand the property laws, land tenure system of Nigeria and the regulations governing that area to ensure a smooth transaction and security of your properties.

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7. Financing Options:

Explore various financing options in Nigeria, including mortgages, partnership agreements, and real estate investment trusts (REITs) to fund your ventures effectively.

Importance of Real Estate Investment in Nigeria


1. It contributes to the growth of the economy:

Real estate investment in Nigeria has contributed to the overall growth of the economy by providing job opportunities for individuals and attracting foreign investors to the country.

2. It serves as a source of income:

Real estate investment in Nigeria has served and is still serving as a source of income, offering a reliable source of cash flow for investors.

3. Tangible Asset:

Unlike other financial instruments like cryptocurrency, real estate is a tangible asset that investors can see, touch, and use, providing a sense of ownership and control.

4. Wealth Building:

Real estate investment offers the potential for long-term wealth building and financial security, particularly when properties appreciate over time.

List Of Some Real Estate Investment Companies In Nigeria

Below are list of some verified real estate investment companies in Nigeria:

1. Landwey Investment Limited:

Landwey is a prominent real estate company known for its expertise in residential and commercial developments. They focus on creating innovative and sustainable projects, earning a reputation for timely project delivery and excellent customer service. It is located at Km 42, Lekki Epe express way, Oko Addo, Aja, Lagos

2. UPDC (UACN Property Development Company):

UPDC is a subsidiary of UAC of Nigeria Plc and is one of the oldest and most established real estate companies in Nigeria. They have a diverse portfolio of residential, commercial, and retail developments, with a strong emphasis on quality and attention to detail. It is located at 1-5 Odunlami Street, UAC House, Lagos Island, Lagos State

3. Mixta Nigeria:

Mixta Nigeria is a subsidiary of Mixta Africa, a leading real estate development company in Africa. They specialize in providing affordable housing solutions, mixed-use developments, and large-scale master-planned communities. It is located at 8 Kasumu Ekemode St, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos.

4. Brains & Hammers Limited:

Brains & Hammers is known for its focus on delivering affordable and high-quality housing solutions to the Nigerian market. They have a proven track record of successful projects across various regions in the country. It is located at 112A Olabode George Street, Victoria Island 106104, Lagos

5. Adron Homes & Properties Limited:

Adron Homes is a real estate company that primarily caters to the middle and low-income segments. They offer a wide range of housing options, including land sales, apartments, and duplexes. It is located at 34 Freedom Way, Lekki Phase I 106104, Lagos.

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6. PWAN Homes Limited:

PWAN Homes is a fast-growing real estate company with a focus on land sales and providing affordable housing solutions to clients in various states of Nigeria. It’s head office is located at km 25 Lekki – Epe Expy, Aja 106104, Lagos.

7. Propertymart Real Estate Investment Limited:

Propertymart is recognized for its expertise in large-scale residential and commercial developments. They are known for their commitment to quality construction and modern architectural designs. It is located at 1a, Dipo Awolesi Street, Magodo GRA Phase 2, Shagisha Lagos

8. Primewaterview Limited:

Primewaterview is known for its luxury residential developments, often located in prime waterfront locations. They cater to high-end clients seeking premium living experiences. It is located at Lekki Penninsula II 106104, Lekki, Lagos

9. Cadwell Limited:

Cadwell is a real estate investment and development company with a focus on creating sustainable and environmentally friendly properties. It is located at 45, Saka Tinubu Street, Lagos, Victoria Island, Lagos.

10. Knight Frank Nigeria:

Knight Frank is a global real estate consultancy firm with a presence in Nigeria. They offer comprehensive real estate services, including valuation, advisory, and property management. It’s headquarters is located 24 Campbell street , Lagos.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there specific cities or regions in Nigeria that are more favorable for real estate investment?

Yes, regions in Nigeria that are considered favorable for real estate investment are Lagos, Abuja, and Port Harcourt are among the top cities due to their economic

2. How do property ownership and land tenure work in Nigeria, especially for foreign investors?

In Nigeria, property ownership and land tenure are regulated by various laws and regulations at the federal and state levels.

3. What are the potential risks or challenges associated with real estate investment in Nigeria?

Economic instability, inconsistent infrastructure, currency fluctuations etc

4. Are there local mortgage options available to foreigners?

Yes, foreigners may be eligible for mortgages, but the terms and requirements might differ from those for citizens


Real estate investment in Nigeria offers promising opportunities for both local and international investors. With a growing economy, rapid urbanization, and increasing demand for housing, the market presents potential for significant returns.

However, it’s crucial to conduct thorough research, consider local regulations, and work with reputable partners to maximize success and mitigate risks.

Remember that staying updated on market trends and adopting a long-term perspective will be vital in achieving sustainable growth and profitability in this dynamic market.

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