If A Laptop Is Always Plugged In And Charging, What Is The Effect On The Battery

If a laptop is always plugged in and charging, the battery will experience a constant flow of electricity, which can cause the battery to degrade over time.

This is because lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly used in laptops, are designed to be discharged and then recharged, and leaving them plugged in and fully charged for extended periods can accelerate their degradation.

To prevent this, some laptops have built-in battery management systems that allow the user to set a maximum charge level or limit the amount of time the battery spends fully charged.

This helps to extend the battery’s lifespan by reducing the stress on the battery caused by constant charging.

In summary, leaving a laptop plugged in and charging for extended periods can lead to reduced battery life and capacity over time.

It is recommended to unplug the laptop and use the battery periodically to help prolong its lifespan

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