Canva’s New Magic AI Tools and Other Features

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Canva has unveiled an array of AI-powered tools during the Canva Create 2023 event.

These tools have been integrated into the editing platform and are being hailed as “Magic” tools for the visual suite.

Canva’s Visual Suite was initially introduced at the company’s Canva Create event in September 2021.

Australian design software startup, led by Melanie Perkins, has taken a step forward by joining the AI race in the tech world.

The Magic tools for the visual suite include Magic Design, which provides users with a curated list of personalized and customizable templates.

These can be accessed by uploading a reference image or selecting a style preset.

Magic Design automatically matches fonts, images, graphics, and styles to the overall theme of the uploaded image or selected style.

Also enables users to generate presentations by simply inputting prompts that describe the presentation.

The second feature in the Magic tools is the ability to automatically smooth out distorted shapes when a user is drawing.

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Available in different color and weight options, this feature is accessible through brushes.

In the future, the platform plans to introduce a feature that will enable users to turn a simple sketch or scribbling into a polished illustration.

Magic Eraser is another feature that allows users to remove unwanted objects from an image.

By highlighting the object area to be removed, users can quickly erase it.

Users can also choose to add elements by selecting the area where the addition is needed and describing the object or element that needs to be added.

Canva has also made available the Magic Write for Canva Docs, which was first introduced last year.

This generative text AI tool is now available across the Visual Worksuite, which includes websites, presentations, social media, and whiteboards.

It is currently available in 18 languages.

Other features introduced by Canva include the Text to Image tool, which generates an image from a textual description of the scenery.

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The Translate feature instantly converts text used in a design to over 100 languages.


With Create an Animation, users can introduce animations to their designs by drawing a path that the animation should take.

The Brand Hub provides a single page for brand templates, brand guidelines, fonts, graphics, logos, and projects.

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