“I Am Sure That The Hunger, Hardship In Nigeria Have Shut Down Your Brain” – Lawyer slams Seyi Law over his support for Tinubu Amid Economic Hardship Faced By Netizens

Nigerian comedian Seyi Law’s recent pledge of allegiance to politician Tinubu has stirred online discourse, with legal practitioner X questioning his rationale in a Twitter exchange.

In a tweet posted earlier today, Seyi Law reiterated his support for Tinubu, equating Nigeria’s economic challenges to the biblical tale of the Israelites’ journey through the desert. He emphasized prioritizing the future over immediate comforts.

“I’d rather accompany a Moses through the wilderness to Canaan than eat and drink in slavery at the expense of my children’s future,” Seyi Law asserted.

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However, legal practitioner X, engaging in the debate, expressed condolences for Seyi Law and his generation, questioning the comedian’s decision-making amidst the country’s hardships.

“Emergency comedian, Seyi Law, or what do you call yourself? I am sure that the hunger and hardship in Nigeria have shut down your brain,” X remarked, highlighting the accessibility of modern transportation compared to ancient journeys.

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X’s critique prompted a response from Seyi Law, emphasizing the need for effective government communication and accountability. He defended his stance, citing his privilege of being better informed.

“While a lot of Nigerians kill the optimism of others with hate and urge for immediate gratification, it is sad that our government agencies are not communicating government agendas, efforts, and actions effectively,” Seyi Law stated in his tweet.

The exchange underscores the divergent viewpoints prevalent in Nigerian society regarding political allegiances and the prioritization of national progress amidst economic challenges.

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