How To Opt-Out of MTN Data Auto-Renewal

Have you been wondering How to opt out of MTN Data Auto-Renewal?
Sometimes it keeps you wondering, you’ll be like what happened to my airtime I didn’t use it to do anything? Guyyy I don’t why MTN is taking my airtime o!!

Sometimes we blame it on our younger ones for pressing rubbish on our phones. meanwhile, you’ll be receiving messages from MTN about your Auto-Renewal subscription.

Well, the thing is that you’ve subscribed to a data auto-renewal plan. What does it mean?
It means that whenever you’re out of data, it automatically renews itself as long as you have airtime on your phone.

You might have done it knowingly or unknowingly well na you sabi sha.

This thing can be very frustrating especially when you’re using a button phone.

From calling customer care service to bombarding the internet. You’ll even be receiving text messages on how to opt-out of MTN data auto-renewal.

However, in this short tutorial, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to disable this feature and manage your data subscriptions effectively.

Note: Due to the new NCC policy whereby all networks now use one code, this may apply to all networks now.

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How To Opt-Out of MTN Data Auto-Renewal

Follow these steps to cancel your MTN data Auto-Renewal

1. Dial *312#


2. Choose Data Plans (Option 1)


3. Choose Next (Option 11)


4. Choose Manage Data (Option 11)


5. Choose Cancel Auto-Renewal (Option 3


7. Done


Opting out of MTN data auto-renewal is a straightforward process that can greatly improve your control over your data usage.

By following the provided steps you can easily opt-out of MTN data auto-renewal the auto-renewal feature, and you can now effectively manage your data subscriptions and avoid unexpected charges.

Ensure you’re careful when sending the codes so that you don’t you won’t send the wrong code and still receive auto-renewal messages Also allow your younger ones to breathe!!

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