How To Check Your Data Balance In Airtel

Ever since NCC generalised all the codes on phones , some people have been finding it difficult to check some information on their phone.

If you fall under this category, then you should pay close attention to this short article crafted specially for you.

You’re going to learn how to check your data balance in Airtel.

Keeping track of your data usage is crucial to avoid unexpected overages or depletion of your data allowance.

How To Check Your Data Balance In Airtel

Belo are steps to check your data balance in Airtel.

1. Via USSD Code:

One of the quickest methods to check your Airtel data balance is by using USSD codes. Dial *323# from your Airtel mobile number and press the call button. A pop-up message will appear on your screen displaying your remaining data balance, along with other account details.

Note: *323# is the new code approved by NCC.

2. Through SMS:

Another convenient way is to send an SMS to Airtel’s designated number. Compose a message in the format “DATA BAL” and send it to 121. Shortly, you’ll receive an SMS reply containing your remaining data balance and validity period.

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3. Airtel Thanks App:

Airtel’s official mobile app, “Airtel Thanks,” provides an intuitive platform to manage your account. Download the app from your device’s app store, log in with your Airtel number, and explore a range of features including data balance tracking, plan upgrades, and more.

4. Online Portal:

Access the Airtel self-care portal through your preferred browser. Enter your Airtel mobile number and login credentials to view your account details, including data balance and usage history.

5. Customer Service Helpline:

When in doubt, you can always reach out to Airtel’s customer service helpline. Dial 121 from your Airtel number and follow the automated instructions to inquire about your data balance. Alternatively, you can speak to a customer service representative for personalised assistance.

6. Third-Party Apps:

Several third-party apps are designed to help you monitor your data usage across different networks. Some popular options include My Airtel, My Data Manager, and Internet Speed Meter. These apps often offer real-time data tracking, usage history, and alerts for approaching data limits.

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In today’s data-driven world, keeping tabs on your data balance is essential to prevent interruptions in your online activities. Airtel provides various convenient methods to check your data balance, from USSD codes and SMS to mobile apps and online portals.

By utilizing these methods, you can ensure that you remain in control of your data usage, stay connected, and avoid unwanted surprises on your monthly bill. Stay empowered with the knowledge of these straightforward techniques and enjoy a seamless digital experience with the Airtel network.

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