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BVN stands for “Bank Verification Number.” It’s a unique identification number assigned to every individual who holds a bank account in Nigeria.

The BVN system was introduced to enhance the security of banking transactions, reduce fraud, and create a standardised identity verification process across all banks in the country.

This 11-digit number serves as a crucial link between your personal information and your various bank accounts, providing an extra layer of protection and streamlining financial activities.

Your BVN should be protected at all cost and should not be known by any individual except you.

However, they’re some transactions you do that require your BVN, like when you want to collect a loan; how do you get this BVN number without going to the bank?

In this article, we are going to learn how to check your BVN on all networks with our mobile phone without going to the bank. Whether you’re new to banking or just need a quick reminder, our user-friendly instructions will help you effortlessly retrieve your BVN number and manage your financial records.

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How To Check BVN On All Networks

How to Check Your BVN on MTN Via USSD Code and MyMTN App

There are two major ways to check your BVN on MTN:

How to Check your BVN ON MTN Via USSD Code

Check your BVN number directly from the dial pad by dialling *565*0#. After dialling the code, you will receive a notification with your BVN number.

This usually cost a service fee of ₦20

How to Check your BVN ON MTN Via USSD MyMTN App

Follow the steps below to check your BVN using MyMTN App:

How To Check BVN On GLO

Checking your Bank Verification Number (BVN) on the Glo mobile network is straightforward and easy. All you need is a registered Glo SIM card with an active account balance and follow the steps below:

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Once you have checked your BVN on Glo, make sure to save it for future reference or for use in any online banking activities you need to carry out.

How to Check BVN On 9Mobile (Etisalat)

Follow the steps below to check your BVN on 9mobile

How To Check Your BVN On Airtel

Retrieving your BVN via Airtel is easy and free! All you need is your Airtel SIM card and access to a mobile device with the internet.

Follow the steps below:

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For additional safety, an SMS with your BVN will also be sent to the mobile number registered on your bank account.

The entire process of retrieving your BVN with Airtel takes only a few seconds and requires no additional authentication–it is secure and convenient.

Lastly, the steps above have been provided as a guide to check your BVN on all networks in Nigeria whether it’s MTN, GLO, 9mobile or Airtel. However, it is also important to note that your BVN number should be protected at all times to avoid fraud.

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