How To Remove Your Number From Private For Android

I was once in a situation where I needed help urgently I tried calling people that were close to me for help but no one picked the reason because my caller ID was hidden.

We all know how bad the country is now no one ones to risk picking up calls from unknown numbers because of past experiences people have encountered.

Sometimes we unconsciously set our phone numbers as private numbers while some do it consciously.

Well if you have set your number to a private number and you don’t know how to remove it, in this article I’ve got you covered as I’ll show you how to solve this issue in a few for Android users.

How To Remove Your Number From Private For Andriod

Follow these steps to unhide your caller ID or remove your number from private:

  • Click on the phone icon on your mobile
  • Click on the three dots in the top right corner of the screen
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  • Click on calling account
  • Choose the affected SIM card if it’s a two-SIM phone
  • Click on additional settings
  • Click on caller ID
  • click on show number

Why Do People Put Their Numbers In Private?

What’s your reason for hiding your caller ID? Drop it in the comment section below
Here are some reasons why people put their numbers in private.

1. To avoid unnecessary calls :

Some people put their numbers in private to avoid unnecessary calls from people. When your number is private or when your caller ID is hidden, you cannot receive calls from people but you can call others so it’s a one-sided thing. But if you do this, what’s the work of DND?

2. To scam or prank:

Scammers intentionally hide their caller ID so that you cannot track their numbers except when you contact the service providers which is a 40% out of 100% chance of them picking up their calls. Knowing fully well how frustrating it is to contact the service providers like Glo where they’ll say someone will speak to you shortly but they’ll take like 1 hour singing and repeating adverts when you look at these things, you’ll just have to let it slide.


3. Mistake:

Some people mistakenly hide their caller ID that’s why Google is your friend. If you find yourself in this category, always do well go online and search for solutions.


These days it have been a norm for a private number to call you. Some people are not aware that their caller ID is hidden. Well this article have provided easy steps on how to remove your number from private or how to unhide your caller ID.

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