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Many people do not know how to check BVN in UBA which is not good. In the rapidly evolving landscape of modern banking, the importance of secure and efficient transactions cannot be overstated. One pivotal advancement in this regard is the introduction of the Bank Verification Number (BVN) in Nigeria.

The BVN is a unique 11-digit identification number that acts as a universal identifier across all financial institutions in the country. For UBA customers, checking their BVN is a straightforward process that can be accomplished through various means.

In this article, you’re going to learn how to check BVN in UBA.

BVN Codes For UBA

To make the process of checking your BVN in UBA convenient, the bank has provided dedicated USSD codes. By dialing the USSD code *919*6# on the mobile number linked to your UBA account, you can easily access your BVN. The code triggers an automated response that promptly displays your BVN on your screen.

Importance Of BVN

The BVN was introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria as a measure to curb fraud and enhance security in the banking sector.

1. It serves as a unique identifier that helps prevent unauthorized access to your account and personal information.

2. By linking all your accounts across different banks to a single BVN, you gain an added layer of protection against identity theft, unauthorized transactions, and other fraudulent activities.

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Alternative Ways to Check BVN in UBA

Aside from using the USSD code, there are alternative methods you can employ to check your BVN in UBA:

1. Internet Banking:

If you are a UBA internet banking user, logging into your account through the bank’s official website or mobile app can provide you with access to your BVN.

2. Bank Statement:

Your BVN is often displayed on your bank statements. By accessing your account statements through the UBA internet banking platform or mobile app, you can easily locate your BVN.

3. Visit a UBA Branch:

If you prefer a physical approach, you can visit any UBA branch near you. Simply provide your account details and identification, and the bank staff will assist you in retrieving your BVN.

4. Customer Service:

UBA’s customer service hotline is another option. By calling the customer service number, you can request assistance in retrieving your BVN. Make sure to have your account details and identification ready for verification.

You can contact their Customer Fulfilment Centre (CFC) on 01-2808822, 07002255822 or send an email to

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5. Leo :

This is UBA’s AI chatbot for banking services , which is currently available on Facebook, WhatsApp . This chatbot can also help you check your bvn easily and fast. Message Leo on WhatsApp @ +234903 001 0007

How To Register BVN In UBA

To register a BVN (Bank Verification Number) in UBA (United Bank for Africa), follow these steps:

1. Visit a UBA branch:

Go to a nearby UBA branch where you have an account or where you intend to open an account.

2. Obtain a BVN enrollment form:

Request a BVN enrollment form from the bank staff. They will provide you with the necessary paperwork to begin the registration process.

3. Fill out the form:

Complete the BVN enrollment form with accurate and up-to-date information. Make sure to provide your personal details as required.

4. Provide necessary documents:

Submit the filled-out form along with the required identification documents, such as a valid government-issued ID (e.g., driver’s license, international passport, national ID card). UBA staff will guide you on the specific documents needed.

5. Biometric capture:

Your biometric data (fingerprints and possibly a photograph) will be captured at the bank as part of the registration process.

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6. Verification:

The bank will verify the information and documents provided by you.

7. BVN issuance:

Once the verification process is completed successfully, you will be issued a BVN, which is a unique 11-digit number that serves as a universal identifier for your banking transactions across all Nigerian banks.

8. Linking your accounts:

If you have multiple accounts with UBA or other banks, ensure that you link those accounts to your BVN. This will help streamline your transactions and financial activities. To Link your BVN to your phone number , Dial *919*60#. After that you’ll be asked to input your 11-digit BVN.


The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is an indispensable tool in safeguarding your financial identity and transactions. UBA customers have the advantage of accessing their BVN through a variety of methods, including USSD codes, internet banking, bank statements, physical visits to branches, and customer service assistance.

Embracing these options ensures that you learn how to check BVN in UBA and remain in control of your banking security while enjoying the convenience of modern technology.

Remember, staying informed and proactive about your financial information is an essential step towards a secure and worry-free banking experience.

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