GOtv Nigeria Packages, Channels list, Prices & Contacts: Your Ultimate Guide

It is well known that MultiChoice Group’s GOtv Nigeria is one of the top and most favorite cable TV for Nigerians. This is because the collection of GOtv Nigeria’s packages and channels meet the desires of diverse viewers and are available at various budget-friendly prices.

Let’s review the most recent GOtv Nigeria packages, channels list, costs and contacts below.

GOtv Nigeria packages and prices

All the GOtv subscription packages offer top-quality digital content to their customers. So, subscribers in Nigeria are allowed to choose from six packages.

Please also take note that in each package the number of channels decreases from the top-priced to the  lowest-priced collection.

Here is a list of all the most recent GOtv packages and prices.

            Packages    Number of Channels                Price
        GOtv Supa+                   85+        ₦12500 (monthly) 
        GOtv Supa                  80+        ₦7600 (monthly) 
        GOtv Max                  70+        ₦5700 (monthly) 
        GOtv Jolli                  65+        ₦3950 (monthly) 
        GOtv Jinja                  45+        ₦2700(monthly) 
        GOtv Smallie                  35+        ₦1300 (monthly), ₦3450 (quarterly), ₦10200 (annually)

GOtv Nigeria channels list

There are 11 categories in the GOtv Nigeria channels:

  1. General entertainment.
  2.  Movies.
  3.  Lifestyle & Culture.
  4.  Documentary.
  5.  Sport.
  6.  Local channels.
  7.  Kids & teens.
  8.  Music.
  9.  Religious.
  10.  News & Commerce.
  11.  Audio channels. 
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However, The number of channels you can watch depends on your selected GOtv collection/package.

GOtv General entertainment.

  (NO. 2)  Africa Magic Yoruba        ✔            X
  (NO. 3)  Africa Magic Hausa         ✔             X
  (NO. 4)   Africa Magic Igbo       ✔     ✔      X
  (NO. 7)   Africa Magic Family   ✔       ✔   X    X
  (NO. 8)   Africa Magic Urban           X    X  X    X
  (NO. 10)  ROK 2          X    X
  (NO.11)   Magic Showcase           X    X
  (NO.13)   Trybe             
  (NO. 14)  Televista          X    X
  (NO.16)   TVC Entertainment             
  (NO. 30)  Zee World          X  X
  (NO. 31)  Star Life         X  X  X
  (NO. 33)  TeleMundo          X  X
  (NO. 34)  TLNovelas        X  X  X
  (NO. 35)  Real Time            X
  (NO. 36)  E! Entertainment            X
  (NO. 37)  Discovery Family          X  X
  (NO. 38)  Universal TV    X  X  X  X  X
  (NO. 39)  CBS Reality          X  X
  (NO. 40)  BET        X  X  X
  (NO. 42)  TLC Entertainment      X  X  X  X
  (NO. 43)  Me Channel      X  X  X  X

GOtv movies channels

  (NO. 6)  Africa Magic Epic        ✔            X
  (NO. 9)  ROK             X    X    X    X
  (NO. 50)  M-NET Movies 4                X    X    X
  (NO. 51)  Movie Room                X    X    X
  (NO. 52)  TNT Africa                     X    X
  (NO. 55)  KIX             X    X    X    X
  (NO. 56)  CineMagic                X    X    X
  (NO. 57)  B4U Movies                    X    X

GOtv lifestyle & culture channels

  (NO. 19)   Spice TV       ✔         

GOtv documentary channels

  (NO. 51&100)   NatGeo Wild       ✔          X    X
  (NO. 103)   ID       ✔      X    X    X

GOtv sports channels

  (NO. 60)   SS Blitz        ✔             
  (NO. 61)   SS Football       ✔          X    X
  (NO. 62)   SS LaLiga       ✔      X    X    X
  (NO. 63)   SS Select 1       ✔      X    X    X
  (NO. 64)   SS Select 2       ✔          X    X
  (NO. 68)   WWE       ✔    X    X    X    X
  (NO. 66)   SS English Premier League        X    X    X    X    X
    SS Select 3        X    X    X    X    X

GOtv local channels

  (NO. 15)   ON MAX       ✔             
  (NO. 17)   Afia TV       ✔          X   
  (NO. 114)   Sunna TV        ✔             
  (NO. 120)   LAGOS TV       ✔             
  (NO. 121)   SILVERBIRD       ✔             
  (NO. 122)   AIT       ✔             
  (NO. 124)   NTA 1        ✔             
  (NO. 125)   NTA 2        ✔             
  (NO. 128)   WAZOBIA        ✔             
  (NO. 129)   WAP        ✔             
  (NO. 131)   Tiwa n Tiwa       ✔              X
  (NO. 133)   OGTV       ✔             
  (NO. 134)   BCOS        ✔             
  (NO. 136)   Arewa 24        ✔             
  (NO. 137)   Liberty       ✔             
  (NO. 140)   ITV Benin        ✔             
  (NO. 141)   EBS       ✔             
  (NO. 142)   RSTV        ✔             
  (NO. 144)   BISCON TV        ✔             
  (NO. 145)   R2TV       ✔             
  (NO. 146)   RAVE        ✔             

GOtv kids & teens channels

  (NO. 80)   JimJam       ✔             
  (NO. 81)   Nick Junior       ✔    X    X    X    X
  (NO. 82)   Disney Junior       ✔          X    X
  (NO. 84)   PBS Kids       ✔          X    X
  (NO. 85)   Moonbugs       ✔      X    X    X
  (NO. 86)   Nick Toons       ✔    X    X    X    X
  (NO. 87)   Nickelodeon       ✔              X
  (NO. 89)   Cartoon Network       ✔      X    X    X
  (NO. 92)   Disney Channel        X    X    X    X    X

GOtv music channels

  (NO. 21)   Sound City       ✔              X
  (NO. 22)   HIP TV       ✔          X    X
  (NO. 45)   MTV Base       ✔          X    X

GOtv religious channels

  (NO. 110)   Faith       ✔             
  (NO. 111)   Islam       ✔             
  (NO. 112)   Emmanuel TV       ✔             
  (NO. 113)   Dove TV       ✔             

GOtv news & commerce channels

  (NO. 24)   Arise News       ✔              X
  (NO. 25)   TVC News Nigeria       ✔             
  (NO. 26)   NTA News       ✔             
  (NO. 27)   CHANNELS       ✔             
  (NO. 70)   BBC News       ✔          X    X
  (NO. 71)   Al jazeera       ✔               
  (NO. 72)  CNN International       ✔          X    X
  (NO. 126)   NTA Parliamentary       ✔           

GOtv audio channels

  (NO. 301)   Arise News       ✔              X
  (NO. 302)   TVC News Nigeria       ✔             

GOtv self-service in Nigeria

Nigerian subscribers can access  the customer care services online through the GOtv self-service portal and registration is completely free. Furthermore, you can log in to the portal through GOtv mobile App or website.

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To get the most of the services on GOtv, here are some important details you need and should update on GOtv: 

  1. GOtv IUC number: This number is on an orange sticker under your decoder.
  1.  IUC card number: The IUC card number is on your smartcard number. 
  1.  Mobile number/Surname

When you’re on GOtvs digital website or app, you will need your IUC card number and mobile number/surname to make a payment, fix decoder errors, change packages, and more. 

How do I clear the error code on GOtv Nigeria?

This is very simple.  There are two ways to do this:

  1. You can clear error codes on the GOtv self-service portal, through any of the GOtv digital platforms (website or mobile app).
  1. By dialing the USSD code *288# and following the instructions to clear the error appearing on your TV screen.

What is the GOtv customer care number in Nigeria?

You can contact GOtv customer care in Nigeria through:

  1. GOtv customer care helpline: +234 803 904 4688. 
  1. GOtv Nigeria email:
  1.  Chatting with them on the GOtv website. 
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How much is GOtv Subscription in Nigeria?

Here are the  GOtv Subscription packages available to customers in Nigeria:

  1. GOtv Smallie subscription is ₦1,300 (monthly), ₦3,450 (quarterly), ₦10,200 (annually).
  2.  GOtv Jinja costs ₦2,700 (monthly).
  3. GOtv Jolli is ₦3,950 (monthly).
  4.  GOtv Max costs ₦5,700 (monthly).
  5.  GOtv Supa is ₦7,600 (monthly).
  6.  GOtv Supa+ ₦12,500 (monthly).

How much is GOtv Subscription in Nigeria per month?

GOtv Subscription in Nigeria per month:

  1. GOtv Smallie is ₦1,300.
  2. GOtv Jinja is ₦2,700.  
  3. GOtv Jolli costs ₦3,950.
  4. GOtv Max is ₦5,700.
  5. GOtv Supa costs ₦7,600.
  6. GOtv Supa+ package is ₦12,500.

How much is GOtv Max subscription in Nigeria?

GOtv Max costs ₦5,700 monthly. 

How much is the Current Price for a GOtv decoder in Nigeria?

A GOtv decoder kit costs depends on the location and store you purchase from. From regular retailers its price ranges from ₦9000 to ₦15000. However, the official price is ₦6,900 and the GOtv kit includes one decoder, one antenna, and a free GOtv subscription offer available. This is what you get if you buy a GoTV decoder directly from the GoTV authorized dealers.

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