Fani-Kayode Replies British Deputy High Commissioner

Following the incident where Ben Llewellyn-Jones, British deputy high commissioner called out Fani-kayode over a tweet he made concerning the clash between the igbos in Lagos.

Fani-kayode has taken to his Twitter account to reply to Ben Llewellyn-Jones, here’s what he said:

“Permit me to add the following addendum to my earlier personal response to the little Englander”.

“I ask, who is this strange little British diplomat who believes he can tell us what Lagos state should be like in terms of ethnic make-up and how it should be run?”

“He has accused me of hate speech and incitement simply because I said Lagos is not a no man’s land and that the Yoruba ought to be respected in their territory”.

“Well let me say clearly and categorically that I have no apology for saying this and I stand by every word I said”.

“We do not need any lessons from him.
Foreign diplomats come to this country to enhance our relationship with theirs and not to give us lectures”.

“They are not supposed to interfere in our internal affairs, to be partial, to tell us what to do or to tell us how to do it”.

“They are meant to observe in studied silence and make their concerns and representations, if any, known privately”.

“They cannot get into the political ring of fire. They cannot tell us how to vote, who to vote for, how to worship, what God to praise, who to marry, who not to marry and which party to support”.

“Neither can they threaten us and impose their double standards and godless ‘woke’ and ‘globalist’ values on us”.

“That strange little bald man with slooping shoulders at the British Embassy has really got a nerve”.

“I will take up this matter formally. His diplomatic immunity is not absolute: it is qualified. He is therefore subject to our laws”.

“As for his threats, I challenge him to do his very worst. We are not your slaves. Nigeria is an independent sovereign nation. We are no longer a colony”.

“To hell with him and those that are egging him on and licking his feet”.

I am FFK: I fear no-one and I bow before no man.

Until his Government hands Tony Blair and others over to the ICC at the Hague for crimes against humanity and war crimes commited in Iraq,

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Afghanistan and Serbia and apologises for the the over one hundred years of unspeakable atrocities committed against the people of Africa, India, China, Indo- China, Asia-minor, the West Indies and indeed all her former colonies, I will NEVER take the British seriously or at their word.

Millions were slaughtered and enslaved under their brutal yoke whilst their strong economy was built on the blood, sweat and tears of Irish, African and Indian slaves.

Despite that they have offered no apology or paid any reparations for their evil yet they insist on imposing a system of indirect rule over us.

Who is the fool here? The days of dictation are long gone. What they are trying to do in our country and to our country will not work.

Bola Tinubu won a free and fair election and, whether they like it or not, he will be sworn in on May 29th 2023.

Those that want to impose an ING on our nation and follow it up with a civil war in an attempt to dismember and destroy her shall not prevail.

Nigeria shall remain united, shall be at peace, shall flourish, shall we excel and democracy shall be alive and well in our nation for many years to come.


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