100+ Dragonborn Names Suggestions For Your D&D Characters

Are you looking for the right dragonborn name for your character? Well in this article. Whether you seek majestic and regal names for your gold dragonborn, or whimsical and humorous ones for a unique twist, our list covers a spectrum of options.

  But first of all, what are dragonborns?

Dragonborns are  fictional races in various fantasy role-playing games, particularly Dungeons & Dragons (D&D). In these games, dragonborns are humanoid creatures with dragon-like features. 

They typically possess scales, a breath weapon (similar to a dragon’s breath), and other dragon-like abilities. Dragonborn characters are often depicted as proud, honourable, and powerful beings with a connection to dragon ancestry.

In the context of fantasy worlds and role-playing games, players might choose to play as dragonborn characters, each with its own unique traits and abilities depending on the specific game’s rules and lore. The appearance and characteristics of dragonborn can vary, allowing for creative customization within the fantasy genre.

However I’ve compiled a list of Dragonborn names and their meaning for you in order to elevate your gaming experience.

Below are list of Dragonborn names for your character.

Male Dragonborn Names

A fierce looking male dragon in a fantasy scene knight fighting dragon

Below are some male dragon born names and their meanings:

1. Drakorath: Fierce Dragon

2. Voranthal: Guardian of the Skies

3. Thaeros: Fire-Breather

4. Zephyrion:  Wind Walker

5. Pyrrhus:  Flame Born

6. Ragnarok:  Doom of Dragons

7. Gorthalor:  Mighty Claw

8. Vorenthar: Dragon Lord

9. Drak’Thul: Shadow of Dragons

10. Ignatius: Born of Fire

11. Azurael: Azure Wings

12. Zeraphon: Celestial Fire

13. Kael’thar: Keeper of Flames

14. Thundarr: Thunderous Roar

15. Grimfang: Bearer of Death

16. Vorghul: Storm Caller

17. Draconis: Dragon Heart

18. Searinox: Eternal Flame

19. Maldrakar: Dark Dragon

20. Terraxus: Earthshaker

21. Drakonius: Dragon Soul

22. Volcanus: Volcanic Fury

23. Typhonar: Wrath of Typhon

24. Netheron: Shadowborn

25. Scorchfang: Scorched Fang

Female Dragonborn Names:

1. Embera:  Fiery Spirit

2. Sylphora:  Wind Dancer

3. Pyralia:   Flame Blossom

4. Dracara:   Dragon’s Heart

5. Azurine:   Sky Blue

6. Ignisia:  Fire Maiden

7.Vaeloria:  Celestial Guardian

8. Thalassa:  Ocean’s Breath

9. Zephyra:  Breeze Bringe

10. Lyrastra:   Star Singer

11. Thundara:  Thunder Strike

12. Aetheria:  Spirit of the Ether

13. Volcana: Volcanic Fury

14. Aerisana:  Air Elemental

15. Xanthea: Golden Light

16. Lysandra:  Luminescent Guardian

17. Emberlyn:  Fire Jewel

18. Thaloria:  Sea Serpent

19.Seraphina:  Fiery Angel

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20. Azura:Sky Serenade

21.Drakara: Dragon’s Grace

22. Aurora:Dawn Bringer

23. Zeraphina:Celestial Flame

24. Thalara:Sea Whisperer

25. Felicity:Joyful Light

Unisex Dragonborn Names

1. Astra: Star

2. Draco: Dragon

3. Phoenix:Reborn from Ashes

4. Orion:Hunter of the Sky

5. Blaze: Intense Fire

6. Talon:Sharp Claw

7. Nova: New Star

8. Raptor: Bird of Prey

9. Astral: Relating to Stars

10. Onyx: Black Gemstone

11. Celestia: Heavenly

12. Storm:Violent Weather

13.Ember: Small Fire

14. Sable: Black

15.Mythos: Legend

16.Raven: Dark Bird

17. Azure: Sky Blue

18. Echo:Repetition of Sound

19. Fury  Intense Anger

20. Eclipse: Obscuring of Light

21. Solstice: Sun’s Standstill

22. Serenity: Peaceful Calm

23. Jade: Green Gemstone

24. Dusk:Evening Twilight

25. Nova:New Star

Most Popular Dragonborn Names

1. Drakorath:Fierce Dragon

2. Embera: Fiery Spirit

3. Voranthal: Guardian of the Skies

4. Sylphora:Wind Dancer

5. Thaeros:Fire-Breather

6. Pyralia:Flame Blossom

7. Draco: Dragon

8. Azurine:Sky Blue

9. Ignatius:Born of Fire

10. Astra:Star

11. Thaeros  Fire-Breather

12. Zephyra:Breeze Bringer

13. Ragnarok:Doom of Dragons

14. Ignisia: Fire Maiden

15. Orion:Hunter of the Sky

16.Zephyrion:Wind Walker

17. Celestia: Heavenly

18. Thalassa: Ocean’s Breath

19. Pyrrhus:Flame Born

20. Nova: New Star

21. Talon:Sharp Claw

22. Vorghul:Storm Caller

23. Lyrastra: Star Singer

24. Aetheria: Spirit of the Ether

25. Blaze: Intense Fire

Funny Dragonborn Names:

1. Chuckleflame – Brings laughter wherever they go.

2. Quirkwing – Known for their quirky habits and sense of humor.

3. Snickerclaw – A dragonborn with a mischievous streak.

4. Gigglescale – Laughter echoes in their wake.

5. Wittyfire – Quick-witted and playful.

6. Jestshadow – A master of dragonborn humor.

7. Chucklestone – Their presence is like a rolling joke.

8. Grinfang – Always seen with a toothy grin.

9. Whimsyflare – Spreads joy with a touch of whimsy.

10. Joketail – Tails off every conversation with a joke.

11. Snickerroar – Laughter that reverberates like a roar.

12. Grinfire – Their flames light up the room with mirth.

13. Chucklestorm – Creates a storm of laughter.

14. Quipclaw – Sharp with both claws and wit.

15. Guffawscale – Scales that shimmer with amusement.

16. Jestclaw – Playful and mischievous in battles.

17. Snortflame – A dragonborn with a contagious snort.

18. Chucklewing – Flies through the skies with laughter.

19. Waggletail – Their tail is always in motion, signaling humor.

20. Grinwhisper – Laughs are accompanied by a whisper of humor.

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21. Quirkflame – Flames that dance with quirkiness.

22. Snickerbreath – Breathes out laughter, literally.

23. Chuckleswirl – Laughter that swirls around like a vortex

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24. Jovialclaw – Brings joy with every clawed step.

25. Snickerwhisk – Whiskers twitch with amusement.

26. Gleeclaw – A dragonborn filled with gleeful energy.

27. Chuckleflare – Their presence ignites a blaze of laughter.

28. Jesterfire – A fire-spewing jester of the dragonborn world.

29. Snickerbeard – A bearded dragonborn with a humorous twist.

30. Chucklerain – Rain of chuckles wherever they go.

31. Jestertalon – Talons that are as sharp as their jokes.

32. Snickerdazzle – Dazzles with a snicker-worthy charm


33. Quirkyflame – Flames that flicker with quirks.

Gold Dragonborn Names

Gold Chinese dragon smart pose around the globe earth and sky background with 3d rendering.

below are gold dragonborn names suggestions for your D&D characters

1. Aurelion – Golden light radiates from their scales.

2. Solarastra – Resplendent like the sun.

3. Gildedrake – A dragonborn adorned in golden scales.

4. Aurumclaw – Claws that gleam like precious metal.

5. Lumiscale – Scales that shine with a golden luminescence.

6. Radiantail – A tail that leaves a trail of radiance.

7. Goldenshadow – Even their shadows gleam with gold.

8. Aurorafire – Flames that dance in shades of gold.

9. Glitterwing – Wings that shimmer like golden dust.

10. Glimmerheart – A dragonborn with a heart of gold.

11. Solarflare – Emits a golden burst of light during battles.

12. Goldenwhisper – Their words are as precious as gold.

13. Luxorclaw – Claws that strike with luxurious power.

14. Gleamroar – A roar that echoes with golden resonance.

15. Auroralight – Illuminates the surroundings with golden light.

16. Gildedfrost – Even frosty breath has a golden hue.

17. Lustrouscale – Scales that are polished to a lustrous shine.

18. Goldenglare – Eyes that gleam with a golden intensity.

19. Solarwing – Wings that soar through golden skies.

20. Aurorasplash – Leaves a splash of golden light in their wake.

21. Glintstone – Scales that glint in the sunlight.

22. Aureliafire – Fire that burns with the brilliance of gold.

23. Gleamingale – Breathes out a golden mist.

24. Goldendream – Brings dreams of golden landscapes.

25. Aurorabreeze – Their presence feels like a gentle golden breeze.

26. Glisterflame – Flames that shimmer like molten gold.

27. Glimmerclaw – Claws that catch and reflect light.

28. Goldenwhirl – Moves through the air in a whirl of gold.

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29. Luxfire – Fire that exudes luxury and warmth.

30. Radiantide – Tides of golden light that flow from them.

31. Solarwhisk – Whiskers that shine like the sun.

32. Gildedshroud – A dragonborn wrapped in a golden aura.

33. Aurorashine – Shines brightly with an aurora of gold.

Blue Dragonborn Names

A large blue dragon with outstretched wings with open mouth, breathing a jet of fire towards the ground close to a knight wearing a suit of armour and holding up a shield for protection.

below are Blue dragonborn names and their meanings:

1. Azurethorn – Scales that resemble sharp azure thorns.

2. Cobaltclaw – Claws that strike with the force of cobalt.

3. Sapphiroscale – Scales that shimmer like sapphires.

4. Stormtail – A tail that whips up storms as it moves.

5. Ceruleanroar – A roar that echoes like a cerulean thunder.

6. Icewing – Wings that carry the chill of ice.

7. Abyssalscale – Scales that plunge into deep blue darkness.

8. Zephyrclaw – Claws swift as the wind, sharp as a storm.

9. Electricfire – Flames that crackle with electric blue energy.

10. Frostshadow – Leaves behind a shadow of frosty cold.

11. Cobaltrift – Creates rifts of cobalt energy in battles.

12. Oceanflame – Fire that mirrors the depths of the ocean.

13. Frostnova – Emits a freezing burst like a nova.

14. Bluewhisper – Speaks in soothing whispers of the sea.

15. Typhoonheart – A heart that beats with the fury of typhoons.

16. Sapphireflare – Flames that burn with the brilliance of sapphires.

17. Deepclaw – Claws that reach into the depths of the abyss.

18. Iceshimmer – Shimmers with an icy, ethereal glow.

19. Zephyrroar – Roars like the howling winds.

20. Frostscale – Scales that replicate the patterns of frost.

21. Cobaltbreeze – Moves with a gentle breeze of cobalt.

22. Abyssalwing – Wings that carry the weight of the abyss.

23. Stormspark – Sparks of blue lightning surround them.

24. Glacialheart – A heart as cold and enduring as glacial ice.

25. Ceruleanwhirl – Moves in a whirl of cerulean energy.

26. Electricclash – Clashes with electric blue intensity.

27. Frostblaze – A blaze that freezes everything in its path.

28. Zephyrfrost – Frost that is carried by the zephyrs.

29. Oceanthunder – Thunder that echoes the depths of the ocean.

30. Azuremist – Breathes out mist as azure as the sea.

31. Cobaltflame – Flames that embody the essence of cobalt.

32. Deepfreeze – Freezes with the coldness

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