What God told Me When I lost My Son – Yul Edochie

In a video shared online, Yul Edochie, the acclaimed actor who transitioned into pastoral ministry, has opened up about the profound message he received from God in the wake of his son’s untimely demise last year.

The revelation, delivered during a challenging period, encouraged Edochie to find gratitude in the face of grief and emphasized the importance of embracing difficulties on his spiritual journey.

The actor-turned-pastor, who recently founded his ministry, discloses that the divine message underscored the necessity of his suffering, framing it as a crucial element in fulfilling his higher calling.

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Some comments below online….

moonwalking99; This is guy is suffering a mid life crisis. Completely seeking clout senselessly. What wasted career.

molly_nma_blessed; You were in pain yet 2weeks later you came back online dancing with Mrs Judy Obasi , that one even made a video thanking God and telling the world how much God love her…….. Finished man !! May, God will comfort you imagine this thing using your son’s death to make money.

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amaka_fab; Ha! Father God, You see how this man is provoking Your child; You said to to bless and not curse but Onyewem, me and You know that Yul deserve swear, because how can he be using his child as clout? I will not curse him, please cure him of Judy, the disease is destroying him. Thank You God 🙏🏻

mr_bluegold; What if this man needs help and we are catching cruise with it? 3 go bad say Chairman colo and we no reason am😂

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