Video Editor – (On-site)

VIDEO EDITOR NEEDED (Selection is happening this week)

NOTE: This has been posted before, one editor was taken, but now there is need for more. If you applied before, kindly applied again.

A video editor is needed to edit this kind of videos👇👇

Normal recorded videos would be provided and the person is to take 30-60 second clips from the videos and edit them:

1. Add colourful texts and emojis like the one in the video attached.
2. Do colour grading for all the videos to make them look very eye catchy and beautiful. Very important.
3. Make the videos fit into Instagram and TikTok sizes.

You would work on 45 videos per month.

The salary is 120k, plus additional 10k incentive every month if you meet up with deliverables and perform well.

Click this link to apply now👇

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