US, EU, UK Express Concerns Over Pakistan’s Electoral Process

In a rare move, the United States, the European Union, and Britain have collectively voiced apprehensions over Pakistan’s electoral process following the voting held on Thursday.

While both former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s party and ex-prime minister Imran Khan’s faction have claimed victory, the outcome of the election remains uncertain.

The elections, contested for 265 national assembly seats, have left the political landscape in limbo, with no clear majority yet achieved. The prevailing uncertainty has prompted international scrutiny, with calls for a thorough investigation into reported irregularities gaining momentum.

Expressing dismay over alleged interference and electoral malpractices, the US State Department criticized what it termed as “undue restrictions on freedoms of expression” during the polls.

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The European Union echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing a perceived lack of a level playing field and citing concerns over restricted political participation and freedom of assembly.

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The UN human rights office, earlier this week, denounced instances of violence against candidates and political parties, further adding to the apprehensions surrounding the electoral process.

However, Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has vehemently rejected the criticisms, dismissing them as being uninformed and failing to grasp the complexities of the electoral process.

In a strongly-worded response, the ministry highlighted Pakistan’s commitment to democratic principles and emphasized the peaceful conduct of the elections amid security challenges.

The statements from international quarters and Pakistan’s robust rebuttal underscore the significance of ensuring transparency and fairness in electoral processes, particularly in emerging democracies grappling with multifaceted challenges.

As Pakistan navigates through the aftermath of the elections, the world watches closely, underscoring the imperative of upholding democratic norms and safeguarding the integrity of electoral systems.

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