State Governors Rally Strong Collaboration With Federal Ministry To Boost Agriculture

The Governors of Kwara, Taraba, Ondo, and Kogi converged on the Abuja headquarters of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, highlighting the urgent need to enhance crop production for national food security.

During the meeting, Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq, the Chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum, emphasized the importance of concentrating efforts on food security.

He urged the Ministry to focus on key crops like cassava, rice, and maize, emphasizing the goal to improve yields and potentially export food, making Nigeria a regional agricultural hub.

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Abdulrazaq acknowledged the previous challenges faced by the Anchor Borrowers Programme but expressed optimism about the current engagement with the Ministry, signaling a renewed commitment to collaborative efforts.

Amidst this, a recent protest in Niger State brought attention to the hardships faced by citizens due to rising food costs. The governors affirmed that the Federal Government’s subsidy would be complemented by state initiatives, reinforcing a joint commitment to alleviate food-related challenges.

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In response, Minister Abubakar Kyari hailed the governors’ visit as a significant endorsement of the collaboration between the Federal Ministry and state governments. He outlined plans for the second phase of the Dry Season Food Production Programme, covering the entire country and aiming to boost agricultural production year-round.

The Minister’s call to governors to ensure preparedness for optimal participation in the upcoming phase emphasized the importance of readily available land, involvement of genuine farmers, and commitment to the entire agricultural chain.

This unprecedented collaboration between state governors and the Federal Ministry marks a pivotal moment in the nation’s pursuit of sustained agricultural growth.

The collective vision aims not only to address immediate food shortages but also to position Nigeria as a major food exporter in the West African region.

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