Nigerian Navy Destroy 3 Illegal Oil Refining In Rivers State, Others

In a proactive move to combat illegal oil refining activities, the Nigerian Navy, operating under Operation Delta Sanity, executed a series of operations resulting in the discovery and destruction of multiple illicit refining sites across Rivers, Bayelsa, and Ondo States.

Commander of the Nigerian Navy Ship Soroh, speaking on the recent operation, emphasized the importance of curbing such illegal activities, stating, “We are committed to safeguarding our waters and ensuring that illegal activities, such as oil refining, are swiftly dealt with to preserve our environment and resources.”

The operation, conducted on February 11, saw the navy’s relentless efforts culminating in the deactivation of one active illegal refining site in Bayelsa State.

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The discovery included two reservoirs, three drums, empty sacks, and two ovens containing approximately 4,000 liters of crude oil. Additionally, a small boat suspected of transporting illegally refined kerosene was intercepted.

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Similarly, the Nigerian Navy Ship Pathfinder encountered and neutralized two illegal refining sites in Rivers State on February 10. These sites, equipped with cooking pots and ovens, posed a significant threat to the local environment and economy.

Meanwhile, in Ondo State, the navy’s Forward Operating Base uncovered jerry cans containing illegally refined petroleum products, further highlighting the widespread nature of such illicit activities.

In a related development, the Nigerian Navy Ship Beecroft apprehended a motor tanker, SAISNIL II, allegedly involved in crude oil theft in Lagos State.

Rear Admiral MB Hassan, commenting on the incident, underscored the navy’s vigilance in tackling maritime crimes, stating, “We remain resolute in our efforts to combat illegalities within our maritime domain.”

The coordinated efforts of the Nigerian Navy underscore their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of Nigeria’s maritime environment. With continued operations like these, authorities aim to deter and disrupt illegal activities, safeguarding the nation’s resources for future generations.

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