It is Heartbreaking That Some Clowns are Celebrating As Naira Depreciates- VP

Vice President Kashim Shettima has expressed deep concern and disappointment over the reaction of some individuals to the recent depreciation of the Nigerian naira.

In a passionate speech delivered in Abuja, Shettima criticized those who chose to celebrate rather than unite in the face of economic challenges.

“It is not only disheartening and disenchanting but also heartbreaking that yesterday when the naira plummeted to N1500 to the dollar. Instead of us coagulating into a single force and salvaging our nation’s economy, sadly, some clowns are celebrating on Twitter an impending implosion of the Nigerian economy,” remarked Vice President Shettima.

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The Vice President’s remarks come in the wake of a sharp decline in the value of the naira, which fell by 42 percent against the US dollar in just two days, according to data from FMDQ. The naira reached an all-time low of N1,482.57 per US dollar on Tuesday, marking a 9 percent or 133.94 loss compared to the previous day’s closing rate of N1,348.63.

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Shettima emphasized the need for unity and collective effort in addressing economic challenges rather than divisive celebrations. His use of the term “clowns” on Twitter suggests his frustration with those who seem to be trivializing the severity of the economic situation.

The Vice President’s call for a unified approach to economic recovery reflects a broader sentiment among leaders who are urging citizens to prioritize national interests over individual gains.

As Nigeria grapples with economic uncertainties, Shettima’s words serve as a poignant reminder of the importance of solidarity in overcoming challenges and steering the nation towards a more stable financial future.

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