INEC debunks Igbos and South-South exclusion rumour

-Promises to uphold fundamental principles of transparency

In a press release by INEC(Independent Electoral Commission)- Lagos State Headquarters, expressed concerns over the seeming allegations floating on the social media space, alleging that INEC, Lagos State Headquarters removed all Igbos and South-South staff from participating as ad-hoc staff in the state during the forthcoming Governorship/House of Assembly election on 18 March 2023.

The release also read that, “It was equally alleged that ‘obidients in Lagos, Sanwo-Olu and Tinubu’ were on a call with the INEC Rec, in Lagos State to finalize rigging plans for the gubernatorial election”.

In the press release, INEC-Lagos State Headquarters, made it known that “the ad-hoc staff (collation officers) engaged during the Presidential/National Assembly election on 25 February 2023 in Lagos State were 738 in number bearing in mind that three elections were held”.

Going further, the press release also states that the gubernatorial election only requires the services of 427 ad-hoc officers which some members who are Igbos “were all returned to work as collation officers in the forthcoming Governorship election, while the SPOs maintain their positions”.

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