I Am Not An Afrobeat Artiste- Wizkid Denounces Tag, Hint On New Album

Ayodeji Balogun, famously known as Wizkid, took to his Instagram story to express his discontent with being labeled an Afrobeat artist.

He emphasized his stance by stating, “I am not a f*cking Afrobeat artiste! Don’t call me that hoe! I am not Afro anything b!tch!” T

his declaration has raised eyebrows among fans and critics alike, as Wizkid has long been associated with the Afrobeat genre.

Wizkid’s announcement regarding his new album, ‘Morayo’, came with a stern warning to his fan base. He explicitly instructed those who resonated with his earlier works, particularly the Pakurumo era, to refrain from downloading his upcoming album.

In a direct address to his followers, he stated, “If you like Pakurumo Wizkid don’t download this new album. Delete me from your playlist and your life!” Additionally, he extended this caution to fans of Afrobeat, urging them not to download his album.

Boast of Wealth After Denouncing Being An Afrobeat Artiste

Amidst the controversy surrounding his genre disassociation, Wizkid didn’t shy away from boasting about his financial status. With an air of confidence, he proclaimed himself to be “richer than u niggas,” asserting his dominance in the music industry.

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This assertion adds another layer of intrigue to the unfolding saga, prompting speculation about the underlying motives behind Wizkid’s bold statements.

Reaction As Wizkid Denounces Afrobeat

Wizkid’s departure from the Afrobeat label has sparked debates within the music community, with many questioning the artist’s motives and the potential impact on his career trajectory.

While some applaud his courage to redefine his artistic identity, others express concerns about the possible alienation of his core fan base. Moreover, his directive for bloggers not to post about his album adds a layer of mystery and intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

As anticipation mounts for the release of ‘Morayo’, Wizkid’s bold declarations continue to reverberate across social media platforms, stirring both excitement and skepticism among fans.

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With the artist’s departure from the Afrobeat label and his provocative warnings to fans, the music industry braces for the unveiling of what Wizkid claims to be his “best ever made” album.

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