How To Make Peanuts For Sale In Nigeria

Are you looking to embark on a profitable venture? Discover how to make peanuts for sale in Nigeria. Peanuts,a beloved snack enjoyed by many, present an exciting opportunity for budding entrepreneurs.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll guide you on the step-by-step process of creating irresistibly flavorful peanuts, perfectly tailored for the Nigerian market.

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or a newcomer to the world of entrepreneurship, our detailed instructions will equip you with the knowledge to produce top-quality peanuts that will captivate buyers’ taste buds.

Ready to turn your passion for peanuts into a lucrative business? Let’s dive in and explore how to make peanuts for sale in Nigeria.

What Is This Peanut?


Peanut burger or peanut is a popular snack in Nigeria that is made of of groundnut coated with flour. Peanut is not the same as peanut butter.

It is usually hard and crunchy while peanut butter looks like jam.

You’ll hardly see anyone that hates peanut in Nigeria I don’t think there’s anyone even those with allergies will be like one won’t hurt.

Peanut have different texture though it depends on the ingredients that was used and how it was made.

It’s indeed a nice business to do in Nigeria. Imagine selling something that everyone loves.
Next we’re going to look at what to consider if you want to start a peanut business in Nigeria.

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What Do You Need To Start The Peanut Business ?

Starting a peanut business in Nigeria can be a rewarding venture. Here are some steps to help you get started:

1. Research and planning:

Conduct thorough research on the peanut market in Nigeria, including demand, competition, and potential suppliers.

Create a detailed business plan outlining your goals, target market, pricing strategy, and operational plan , you also consider your budget and how much profit you’re going to get in return.

You may need to establish relationships with local farmers or peanut wholesalers to ensure a consistent supply.

Register your business with NAFDAC , obtain any necessary permits or licenses, and fulfill tax obligation to avoid harrasment in the future by these agencies. That’s only if it’s going to be a very large business

3. Processing and packaging:

Decide whether you’ll be selling raw peanuts, roasted peanuts, or peanut-based products. Set up a processing facility and invest in proper equipment for cleaning, roasting, and packaging the peanuts.

4. Branding and Marketing:

Develop a strong brand identity and design appealing packaging for your peanuts. Create a marketing strategy that includes both online and offline tactics to reach your target customers.

5. Distribution channels:

Determine your distribution channels, which can include selling directly to consumers through market stalls, grocery stores, or online platforms. Establish a reliable distribution network to ensure your products reach customers on time.

6. Networking:

Build relationships with customers and always bask for their opinions and feedback so as to know what to add or subtract in the peanut.

Ingredients For Making Peanut

  • 2 cups raw groundnut
  • 3 tablespoons sugar
  • Salt to taste
  • 2 tablespoons powdered milk flavor
  • 1 cap liquid vanilla flavor
  • ½ teaspoon grated nutmeg
  • 2 cups of flour
  • 2 medium eggs
  • Vegetable oil for frying

Steps On How To Make Peanuts For sale In Nigeria

  • Select the groundnut and pour into a bowl,
  • add hot water to the groundnut,
  • add enough salt to taste and leave for 20-30 minutes.
  • Pour the soaked groundnut into a sieve to drain water, transfer to a large tray, spread and sun-dry.
  • Add powdered milk flavor and grated nutmeg into the bowl of sifted flour, set aside.
  • Break in the eggs into a clean plate, add sugar, salt and liquid vanilla flavor and mix.
  • Transfer the sun-dried groundnut into a dry bowl,
  • add the egg mixture enough to coat the batch of groundnut you have in the bowl, mix,
  • add the flour mixture to groundnut mixed with egg mixture, flip the groundnut with flour.
  • Repeat the coating process like 4 times till you exhaust your flour and egg mixture and the peanut well coated.
  • Heat up the vegetable oil and fry.
  • Stir continuously to avoid getting burnt. It’s done when it’s golden brown.
  • Transfer to a paper towel to drain excess oil, leave to cool completely.
  • Store in an air- tight container.
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If you still need help on how to make peanuts, click on this link to watch a video tutorial on how to make peanuts for sale in Nigeria.

Nutritional Value Of Peanut And What They Do In The Body

1. Protein:

Peanuts are a good source of plant-based protein, which is essential for building and repairing tissues in the body. Protein also plays a role in enzyme and hormone production.

2. Healthy Fats:

Peanuts contain monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, including omega-6 fatty acids. These fats are heart-healthy and can help lower bad cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart disease.

3. Dietary Fiber:

Peanuts contain fiber which is important for digestive health, as it promotes regular bowel movements and helps prevent constipation. It also contributes to a feeling of fullness, aiding in weight management.

4. Vitamins and Minerals:

Vitamin B6: Important for brain development and function, as well as for forming red blood cells.
Vitamin E: Acts as an antioxidant, protecting cells from damage, and supports immune function.
Magnesium: Plays a role in muscle and nerve function, as well as bone health.
Phosphorus: Essential for bone and teeth health, as well as energy production.
Potassium: Helps maintain fluid balance, muscle contractions, and nerve signals.

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5. Antioxidants:

Peanuts contain various antioxidants, such as resveratrol and p-coumaric acid, which can help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation in the body.

6. Arginine:

Peanuts are a good source of arginine, an amino acid that plays a role in blood vessel dilation and cardiovascular health.

7. Niacin (Vitamin B3):

Contributes to converting food into energy, maintaining healthy skin, and supporting nervous system function.

8. Plant Compounds:

Peanuts contain phytosterols, which can help lower cholesterol levels, and resveratrol, which has been studied for its potential heart health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is peanut the same as groundnut?

No, rather peanut is made from groundnut . Here in Nigeria, peanut is a snack made from groundnut and it’s coated with flour mixed with some other ingredients as listed above.

2. How much is this peanut?

peanut ranges from ₦50 upwards depending on the size you want.


After learning how to make to peanuts for sale in Nigeria, why not go and try it and see how good you are. Also pay attention to the nutritional value of that peanut provide in the body.

Remember that starting a business requires careful planning and dedication. It’s advisable to seek advice from business experts, mentors, and professionals familiar with the Nigerian market to increase your chances of success. Now these are the basics on how to make peanuts for sale in Nigeria.

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