Driving Remarkable Growth: A Comprehensive SEO Campaign Case Study for An Edutech Brand


In a digital landscape saturated with educational offerings, Our Edutech Brand sought to stand out by enhancing its online visibility and relevance in key markets including Nigeria, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Catering to diverse audience segments encompassing parents of school-aged kids seeking academic help, language learners, adult scholars, and online learning enthusiasts, the brand recognized the importance of aligning its SEO efforts with the unique interests and preferences of each segment within these regions.

With a strategic focus on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), We embarked on a transformative journey to increase overall traffic and keyword rankings on Google, while also driving meaningful engagement and conversions across its varied audience base.

Over a span of three months, the brand implemented a multifaceted SEO campaign, leveraging targeted tactics and innovative strategies to achieve remarkable results.

Key Tactics Employed:

  1. Strategic Keyword Research: We conducted meticulous keyword research, aligning with the interests and preferences of our target audience. By understanding the search behaviours of potential users, the brand identified high-value keywords that resonated with its offerings and brand identity.
  2. Tailored Product-led Content Strategy: Leveraging the insights gained from keyword research, We crafted a bespoke content strategy designed to captivate and engage its audience. By creating valuable educational content centred around our products and services, we aimed to not only drive traffic but also establish ourself as a trusted authority in the field.
  3. Link Acquisition through Digital PR: Recognizing the importance of a robust backlink profile, we started with a proactive approach to link acquisition through digital PR efforts. By securing high-quality backlinks from reputable sources, the brand bolstered its online credibility and authority, enhancing its visibility in search engine results.
  4. Technical SEO Optimization: With a focus on delivering an exceptional user experience, we invested in technical SEO optimization, leveraging the capabilities of Squarespace CMS. By optimizing site speed and ensuring seamless navigation, the brand enhanced its search engine performance and user satisfaction.
  5. Comprehensive SEO Audit and Measurement: We utilized cutting-edge SEO audit and measurement tools, including Screaming Frog, Ahrefs, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console, to monitor and analyze campaign performance. By continuously evaluating key metrics and performance indicators, we refined our strategies for optimal results.
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Challenges Faced:

  1. Limited Resources: Our development team was busy with other tasks, causing delays in some SEO activities.
  2. Google Algorithm Update: Changes in Google’s algorithm in March 2024, affected our SEO efforts temporarily. However, we quickly adapted to overcome this setback.
  3. Tough Competition: The US and UK markets were highly competitive, making it challenging to rank well in search results. Despite this, we managed to stand out through smart strategies and hard work.

Start of the campaign:


Results Achieved:

  1. Traffic Growth: We witnessed a meteoric rise in website traffic, soaring from 80 monthly visitors to an impressive 34,000 within three months.
  2. Keyword Rankings: The brand experienced a substantial increase in keyword rankings, expanding from 114 to an impressive 1,200 keywords, reflecting its enhanced visibility and relevance in search engine results.
  3. Organic Pages: We significantly expanded its organic presence, growing from 10 to 34 pages indexed by search engines, further amplifying its online footprint and accessibility.
  4. Backlink Profile Enhancement: Through strategic link acquisition efforts, We improved the quality of its backlink profile, solidifying its authority and credibility in the digital landscape.
  5. Top Ranking Keywords: The brand achieved remarkable success in securing top rankings on Google, with the number of keywords ranking between positions 1 to 10 skyrocketing from 3 to an impressive 316, signifying its dominance in relevant search queries.
  6. Lead Generation and Email Signups: In addition to increased traffic and keyword rankings, We also experienced significant growth in lead generation and email signups directly attributable to SEO efforts. Email signups surged from 300 to an impressive 1,255, reflecting a fourfold increase in audience engagement and interest. Moreover, trial bookings saw a substantial rise, climbing from 150 to 615, underscoring the tangible impact of the SEO campaign on driving meaningful conversions and business growth.
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Conclusion & Learnings

The SEO campaign we did shows the power of strategic planning, targeted tactics, and relentless execution to drive significant growth and visibility. We also learned that monitoring trends around customer interests and search patterns is a must to achieve a successful campaign.

By leveraging a combination of keyword research, content strategy, link acquisition, technical optimization, and comprehensive measurement, the brand not only achieved its goals but also surpassed expectations, establishing itself as a formidable force in the competitive Edutech landscape while driving substantial leads and conversions.

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