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Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the dollar to naira black market exchange rate!

In the past few days, the price of dollars to naira have not been stable as dollar has being gaining against Naira.

As of yesterday june 8th , the price of 1$/naira in the black market was $ and today the price is N766 for buying and N770 for selling, as reported by Bureau De Change (BDC).

In comparison to other currencies , 1€ / 942 , 1£/ 790 in the black market.

we will delve into the factors influencing the dollar to naira black market exchange rate and shed light on its significance in Nigeria’s economic landscape.

So, let’s dive in and explore the intriguing world of the dollar to naira black market exchange rate.

How Much is 1 Dollar To Naira The Official Exchange Rate Today , 9th June 2023.

In the exchange market , there is a price for black market and the official price which is used by CBN.

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$1= ₦466
The CBN rate is the rate at which you can change dollar naira on the CBN dollar to naira website.

The black market rate is usually higher than that of the official rate
Below is the official exchange rate

How Much Is 1 Dollar To Naira Black Market

The dollar to naira rate in the black market according to the Bureau De Change (BDC) operators in Lagos for selling and buying United States Dollars (USD) at the parallel (unofficial) market.

Dollars to naira (USD to ngn)Exchange rate today
Buying rate766
Selling rate780

How Much Is $500 To Naira In The Official Exchange Market

500 USD to naira in the official exchange market is 232000.

Where 1usd = 466.00
You can use a currency converter to calculate the dollar to naira or any other currency.

How Much Is $500 To Naira In The Black Market

As we earlier said, the black market rate and the official exchange rate are different. The black market rate is usually higher than the official rate.

So the rate of $500 to naira in the black market rlwould be different from the official rate.

$500 = ₦ 375,000

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