Asake Was Chased Off Stage During His Concert At 02 Arena – Carter Efe Calls Out Western Bias

In a candid revelation shedding light on the challenges faced by Nigerian artists abroad, popular skit maker turned singer, Carter Efe, has disclosed a troubling incident involving Grammy-nominated Nigerian artist, Asake, during a concert at London’s prestigious O2 Arena last year.

During an episode of the Spill With Phyna Podcast, Carter Efe expressed dismay at the treatment meted out to Nigerian creatives by Western music executives and show promoters.

He recounted how Asake was abruptly chased off the stage as the venue’s lights were switched off mid-performance.

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“They chased Asake off the stage. They put off the lights. I’m not lying,” Carter Efe stated emphatically, highlighting the disrespectful treatment faced by Nigerian talent in foreign entertainment spheres.

While discussing potential solutions, the podcast host, Phyna, suggested Nigerian artists should unite and organize concerts domestically.

However, Carter Efe rebutted this idea, citing Nigeria’s inadequate infrastructure for hosting events of such magnitude.

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This revelation underscores broader issues of bias and discrimination faced by African artists in international music scenes, prompting calls for greater recognition and respect for their talent on a global scale.

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