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Russian President Vladimir Putin has stirred up controversy by expressing a preference for Joe Biden over Donald Trump in the upcoming US presidential election.

In a state television interview, Putin stated that Biden would be a better choice for Russia, citing Biden’s experience and predictability as key factors.

“Trump’s presidency was marked by accusations of being too close to Putin,” Putin remarked, alluding to the allegations of Russian interference in the 2016 election. However, he emphasized that Russia would work with any US leader who earns the trust of the American people.

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Responding to concerns about Biden’s age and mental acuity, Putin dismissed them as part of a vicious election campaign. He recalled his last meeting with Biden in 2021, where such concerns were raised, but Putin saw no evidence to support them. “He looked at his notes, and to be honest, I looked at mine. No big deal,” Putin remarked.

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Despite his preference for Biden, Putin criticized US policy towards Russia as “harmful and mistaken.” He echoed Trump’s skepticism towards NATO, suggesting that conditioning US support on meeting defense spending targets might have some logic.

The US is currently grappling with securing congressional support for additional military aid to Ukraine amid Republican opposition led by Trump. Putin’s remarks come amidst escalating tensions between the US and Russia over Ukraine and NATO policies.

While Putin’s comments offer a fresh perspective on US-Russian relations and the upcoming election, they also highlight the complexities and challenges in diplomatic relations between the two nations.

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