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An active member of the US Air Force set himself ablaze outside the Israeli embassy in Washington on Sunday afternoon, as reported by officials.

US Air Force Allen Set Self Ablaze

The incident occurred just before 1:00 pm, prompting emergency responders to swiftly react to the alarming situation. The fire department’s message on social media platform X, formerly Twitter, indicated a distress call regarding a person on fire outside the Israeli Embassy.

Upon arrival, responders found that the Secret Service had already extinguished the flames. The individual was subsequently rushed to the hospital with critical life-threatening injuries.


US Air Force Identifies Man As Unknown

An Air Force spokesperson verified the individual’s active service status but refrained from providing further details regarding the member’s identity.

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The Israeli embassy also confirmed no staff were harmed during the incident, stating the man involved was unknown to them.

Alleged Livestream By US Air Force Member

US media outlets reported that the individual purportedly live-streamed the event on Twitch.

Clad in military fatigues, the individual expressed refusal to be complicit in what they described as genocide before igniting themselves while chanting “Free Palestine!” The authenticity of the footage remains unverified, with reports indicating its removal from the streaming platform.

This event unfolds amidst escalating protests across the United States concerning Israel’s actions in Gaza, where retaliatory measures have led to a rising death toll, nearing 30,000 according to Gaza’s health ministry.

The incident underscores the intensifying pressure on the United States to address the conflict and advocate for a ceasefire, amidst mounting international concern over the ongoing violence.

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