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Michael Cohen, once a close ally of former President Trump, foresees a grim outcome for his former boss in the ongoing hush money case in New York.

Speaking on CNN’s “Erin Burnett OutFront,” Cohen expressed his belief that Trump will be found guilty “on all charges.”

“I believe, based on the information that I know, and the corroborating testimony, that he will be found guilty on all charges,” Cohen stated.

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He also predicted that the trial would last around a month, describing it as “very simple.”

“I would say, at best, it would be a four-week case,” Cohen remarked.

Trump, frustrated by the trial’s interference with his political plans, voiced his discontent after a hearing.

“Instead of being in South Carolina and other states campaigning, I’m stuck here. It’s an election interference case. It’s a disgrace,” Trump lamented.

However, Cohen emphasized the seriousness of his obligation to testify, despite its toll.

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“They get personal, they get nasty,” Cohen revealed about testifying.

The hush money case is just one of the legal challenges facing Trump. He also confronts federal cases related to the 2020 election and an election subversion case in Georgia.

Nevertheless, the New York trial marks Trump’s first criminal trial, signifying a pivotal moment in his legal battles.

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