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Dino Following the birthday of president elect Bola Ahmed Tinubu which was on the 29 March, senator Dino Melaye has said that he is not 71 as he claims.

Dino Melaye who doubted Tinubu age wrote on his Twitter page

“His age was stated to be 52 years in the 1998.

“Simple Arithmetic will easily establish that he is not 71 years old that he claims to be now in 2023, but rather 87 years”.

Dino Melaye also backed up his claim with an old The Guardians newspaper. The newspaper was published on Friday 15th October 1998 and also that Tinubu was 52 years as of then.

The newspaper contains an interview granted by Tinubu as he returned from self exile.

It says” senator Bola Ahmed , 52, returned from self-exile recently, but the matter does not end there as it turned out with an encounter with staff reporter Clifford Ndujihe last Wednesday”.
Tinubu , 1998
However , Dino Melaye was not the only person who doubted this , a twitter user also posted a screenshot of a news article published by the Sahara Reporters, New York on March 25, 2012.

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Tinubu in Sahara Reporters
According to the newspaper, Tinubu celebrates his 69th birthday and the reporters name was not included.

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