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Former Barcelona player Dani Alves has been convicted and sentenced to four years in prison in connection with a sexual assault case.

The twist in the tale comes as reports reveal that his former teammate Neymar extended a helping hand by transferring €150,000 to the Spanish courts to cover court fees.

Alves, caught in a legal quagmire stemming from an alleged incident at a Barcelona nightclub in December 2021, turned to Neymar when he found himself in a financial bind.


Neymar Financial Assistance to Dani Alves

According to Brazilian outlet UOL, Neymar’s timely intervention seemed to have influenced the severity of Alves’ sentence, which stands at a minimum of four years.

“The support from Neymar came at a crucial moment,” remarked a source close to Alves. “It was a gesture of solidarity and friendship.”

Dani Alves In Financial Mess

Alves, who insists the encounter was consensual, has been grappling with financial troubles after his assets were frozen following a divorce dispute with his ex-wife, Dinorah Santana. Santana is currently suing Alves for non-payment of alimony.

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Neymar Shows More Support to Dani Alves

Interestingly, Neymar’s involvement went beyond financial assistance. Records show that around the time of the monetary transfer, Alves appointed a legal representative associated with Neymar’s father’s companies, suggesting a deeper collaboration between the two players.

As Alves faces the prospect of imprisonment, Neymar continues his football career in Saudi Arabia, albeit sidelined due to injury.

The story underscores the complexities of friendship and loyalty in the world of professional sports, where off-field challenges often intersect with on-field prowess.

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