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Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage has taken to social media to voice her dissatisfaction with individuals who persistently ask her for money.

The renowned musician, known for hits like “Somebody’s Son,” expressed her frustration over the prevalent begging culture in a series of posts on her Instagram story.

Tiwa Savage Emphasis On Self-Reliance

Tiwa Savage emphasized the importance of self-reliance, stating, “I’m rich bit$h. But [that] no mean say all y’all leeches should ask me for money o.” Her remarks underscored the notion that her wealth does not entitle others to constant financial assistance from her.

Value of Hard Work

Asserting her hard-earned success, Tiwa Savage highlighted the value of hard work as the foundation of wealth. She urged her followers to focus on improving themselves rather than seeking validation or financial support from others. In her Instagram story, she wrote, “2024 I’m working on improving myself rather than proving myself. We all gat the same 24 hours in a day. GO HUSTLE.”

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Tiwa Savage Message To Fans

Tiwa Savage’s message resonates with her fans, many of whom applauded her stance on social media. One fan commented, “Iyalaya anybody. Tiwa is speaking facts. We need to hustle for our own success instead of relying on handouts.”

Impact On Social Media

Tiwa Savage’s candid remarks have sparked a discussion on social media about the culture of begging and the importance of self-reliance.

Her bold stance serves as a reminder that success is achieved through hard work and perseverance, rather than relying on the generosity of others.

Tiwa Savage’s outspokenness on social media regarding the issue of begging culture reflects her commitment to empowering her followers to strive for their success.

Her message serves as a call to action for individuals to take control of their destinies and pursue their goals with determination and diligence.

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