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The Nigerian naira faced a decline in the foreign exchange (FX) market on Monday, hitting N1,610 against the dollar in the parallel market.

This marks a 0.63 percent decrease from the N1,600/$ rate recorded just a few days ago on March 15.

Operators’ Insight As FX Depreciates

Bureau de change operators (BDCs) in Lagos shared their perspective, highlighting their readiness to purchase a dollar at N1,580 and sell it at N1,610/$, making a profit margin of N30.

This insight into the market dynamics underscores the delicate balance of supply and demand influencing the currency’s value.


Official FX Market Scenario

Conversely, at the official FX market segment, the naira showcased strength on March 18, experiencing a 1.86 percent increase to trade at N1,572.86 compared to N1,602.75/$ observed earlier on March 15.

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This contrast between the parallel and official markets reflects the complexity of Nigeria’s currency dynamics.

Future Projections and Reforms For FX

Projections regarding the naira’s trajectory indicate optimism for future appreciation. President Bola Tinubu’s administration has been implementing reforms, prompting expectations of a stronger naira in the coming months.

Financial experts, including Goldman Sachs, anticipate the naira’s appreciation to N1,200 against the dollar within the next 12 months.

Goldman Sachs emphasized the undervaluation of the naira, citing favorable current account surplus and import compression as contributing factors. Additionally, Bismarck Rewane, CEO of Financial Derivatives, echoed sentiments of a strengthening naira, correlating it with anticipated drops in inflation throughout the year.

Market Response

The market response to these projections and reforms remains to be seen. While optimism surrounds the potential for a stronger naira, external factors and policy implementation will likely play significant roles in shaping the currency’s future trajectory.

In conclusion, the fluctuations in the FX market underscore the dynamic nature of Nigeria’s currency landscape. As stakeholders monitor developments closely, the anticipation of a stronger naira presents both challenges and opportunities for the nation’s economic landscape.

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