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Nigeria faces the looming specter of fuel scarcity as the Nigerian Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO) prepares to cease petroleum product transportation starting next Monday.

The decision stems from the mounting operational costs burdening its members.

“Our trucks will halt operations from Monday,” declared NARTO President, Yusuf Othman, citing unsustainable operational losses. “We’ve tried reaching out to authorities, but there’s been no response,” he lamented.

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Othman highlighted the stagnant freight rates amid escalating operational expenses. “The freight rates remain unchanged since Buhari’s era, despite the doubling of the dollar value,” he pointed out, underscoring the discrepancy.

The association’s grievances extend beyond financial strains. Poor road conditions, traffic congestion, inadequate parking facilities, and delayed payments compound the challenges faced by tanker drivers. Moreover, security risks from theft and vandalism add further complexity.

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NARTO has also voiced concerns about policy inconsistencies and regulatory ambiguities, calling for equitable access to depots and clearer regulations to streamline operations.

With NARTO’s impending halt, Nigeria braces for potential fuel shortages, amplifying the urgency for government intervention to address the underlying issues plaguing the transportation of petroleum products.

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