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Duke Dennis is a famous American content creator and YouTube gamer. He came into the spotlight in 2013 after uploading content about the basketball video game NBA 2K17 on his YouTube channel. 

His videos attract millions of subscribers and have earned him a reasonable fortune. He is also one of the most popular gamers and YouTubers worldwide.

 Profile summary 

Full name: Duke Dennis 

Gender: Male 

Famous as: Duke 

Date of birth: 26 February 1994 

Age: 29 years (as of 2024) 

Zodiac sign: Pisces 

Place of birth: Georgia, Alabama, USA 

Residence City Heights, San Diego, California, USA 

Nationality: American 

Siblings: 2 brothers 

Marital status: Single 

Sexuality: Straight 

Hair color : Black 

Eye color :Black 

Height :6 feet 2 inches (187 cm)

 Weight:80 kg 

Profession: Content creator, gaming YouTuber, entrepreneur,Online content Basketball video games 

YouTube channels: 3 

Years active:  2013 to present 

Net worth: $1 million – $5 million

 Sources of income: YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, and online business 

What is Duke Dennis famous for? 

 Duke Dennis is famous for his YouTube gaming content. His first viral basketball video game was about NBA 2K17. 

The video attracted millions to his YouTube channel. Since then, Duke’s channels and fame have been growing by the day. 

Where is Duke Dennis from? 

Duke Dennis is from Georgia, Alabama, USA. He was born and raised there.

 How old is Duke Dennis?

 Duke Dennis  is 29 years old. He was born on February 26 , 1994.

What is Duke Dennis’ birthday? 

Duke’s birthday is on the 26th of February 

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Who is Duke Dennis’ brother? 

Duke has two younger brothers who appeared in a July 2019 video on his YouTube channel. One of them is named Darius. 

Where does Duke Dennis live?

 Duke currently lives in the City Heights in San Diego, California. Before this, he lived with one of his brothers in South Carolina, USA. 

 Duke Dennis military background? 

People usually ask if Duke served in the military. The answer is yes.

Dennis served in the USA army. He was deployed to Germany for 4 years after completing basic training and AIT.

Rumours have it that he enlisted in the army to escape his hometown 

 YouTube career 

Dennis said he has always been passionate about basketball since childhood. He is an incredible player on the pitch and with basketball video games. 

His career as a streamer began in 2013 when he created a YouTube channel and uploaded a series of content about basketball simulation video games called NBA 2K. 

His first video was NBA 2K17 dropped 19 on superstar head – best jumpshot in NBA 2K17. 

He followed it up with a second one, Angry Trash Talker, which also had a positive reception. 

 Duke runs three channels, a Twitch account, and also posts videos on TikTok. 

Duke Dennis net worth? 

As of 2024, Duke Dennis net worth is estimated at $5 million. He makes money from YouTube and also sells his merchandise “Duke Squad”.

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 He has also worked with notable brands such as Nike,

Duke Dennis’ YouTube channel

Duke Dennis runs three YouTube channels.

@DukeDennis864, creates a steady income. It has 1.9 million followers and over 179 million views as of 2024. 

His second channel, @DukeDennisAMP (created in 2020), has 1.94 million subscribers and more than 106 million views. 

The third one, @DukeDennisLive (created in 2021), has 626k subscribers and over 65 million views as of 2024. 

Duke Dennis’ criminal allegations 

Duke Dennis’ mugshot image that went viral on social media towards the middle of 2021 forced him to clear the air. 

Was Duke Dennis jailed?

 Duke was only locked in police custody for a while and set free. The NBA YouTuber admitted that he broke the law, but that was when he was still in high school. He also stated that he never did anything that would have made him serve a jail sentence. 

Duke Dennis’ charges are unknown to the public. Reports claim it is linked to his days in the US Army before he became a full-time gaming streamer. 

 How did Duke Dennis get his dreads?

 A twisting with gel method was used to install dreadlocks on Duke’s 4B hair type, which is dense and compact. The locks have become tight and puffy with time. Multiple content creators have made videos about installing Duke Dennis’ dreads. 

Who is Duke Dennis’ girlfriend?

It is unclear whether Duke Dennis is dating because he keeps his love life low-key. Nevertheless, fans know the YouTuber has been in at least one relationship because he once interviewed his ex-girlfriend, Kali, on his channel. 

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How many kids does Duke Dennis have? Sources claim he has six children, who he keeps out of the limelight. The rumour about Duke Dennis’ children has been going on for a long time, but he is yet to respond to these claims.

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 How tall is Duke Dennis? 

Duke Dennis’ height is 6 feet 2 inches (187.96 cm). 

Duke Dennis’ rizz

 Dennis went viral on TikTok because of videos about his unspoken rizz meme. 

In the videos, he is seen checking out a young lady. He makes hand signals to her and follows her for a conversation. 

 Duke Dennis’ social media presence

 You can follow him on the following social platforms:

Instagram @dukedennis 

Twitter @imdukedennis 

YouTube channel 1 @DukeDennis864 YouTube channel 2 @DukeDennisAMP YouTube channel 3 @DukeDennisLive Twitch @duke 

TikTok @dukedennis 

In summary, Duke Dennis’ rise to stardom shows his hardwork and his great entrepreneurship spirit and how he keeps his private life out of social media is astonishing. 

They are only videos of him driving luxurious cars with friends and sometimes alone.

Nevertheless, Duke Dennis is a role model to some upcoming athletes and gamers. I think we should emulate good things from him like his entrepreneurship spirit.

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