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Google recently showcased their chat GPT competitor BARD but that product has failed to impress the tech world and yes why because of the wrong answers 
Alphabet’s Chairman John Hennessy has acknowledged that  BARD has these shortcomings and he said that Google is hesitant to Showcase bard because it wasn’t yet ready as a product so.

During a talk at the TechSurge nerd conference, John Hennessy — the chairman of Google parent company Alphabet — let slip a very interesting tidbit about Bard, the tech giant’s newly-released competitor to OpenAI’s wildly successful and hotly-debated ChatGPT.

“I think Google was hesitant to productize this because it didn’t think it was really ready for a product yet,” Hennessy said, per CNBC, “but, I think, as a demonstration vehicle, it’s a great piece of technology.”

Hennessy also is saying that these models are still in early days and that the industry is struggling with the issue of sensitivity of answers and their correctness.

So what is the hype all about?

Will these tools ever be a replacement for human intelligence or is it just going to be a tool, a worthy Aid if you will?

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ChatGPT vs Bard

Google and Microsoft are ready to butt heads again over AI-driven search which has a brain of its own, it’s almost like a human talking to you 

It can spin out poetry in the style of your favourite poet, it can even churn out a quick 500 worded copy for a presentation and can whip up a program code. All of that in a matter of seconds so it is no surprise that within a few months of its launch ChatGPT funded by Microsoft took the Internet by storm 

Google was quick to announce its own BARD AI and even issued an internal code red reportedly.

So the question, Is is the tech giant that’s being the undisputed king of search for two decades rattled?

 The share price of alphabet, the holding company of Google plunged 7.7% on Feb 8, a day after the search engine giant unwind Bard.

This was the biggest fall in the company in over three months. Google’s panic is well placed.

Open AI supported search engine by Microsoft is going to be way more than just a simple Google search it can whip up a summary of web pages instead of showing you separate links and you could ask further questions as well. 

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Users can even switch in and out of chat mode basically disrupting search to become more interactive and even supporting a basic web search.

For instance if you ask it for recipes of egg substitutes it will go even further to discuss the properties of those egg substitutes and it will suggest which one will be fluffier 

For Content producers,  it can churn out quick scripts, undertake research tasks and generate more relevant engaging and meaningful responses and streamline the process of search engine optimization 

Even though Google took no time to introduce its bard AI after the search and usage of charge GPT,  the service, for now, is available on a pilot project basis.

But could it be because it’s a rush decision? or there is a realization that perhaps Google is too late to the party? 

 A Google search executive is reported to have told the New York Times that it’s either make or break moment for the search giant.

Tweet from Paul Buchheit, Gmail Creator.

Alphabet lost 100 billion dollars in market value on Wednesday after it’s new chat bot Bard shared inaccurate information in a promotional video,  feeding worries that the Google parent is losing ground to rival Microsoft Corp and this is according to a report by Reuters 

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Google owns 90% of the search advertisement Market which is its Core business and concerns about the risk of an erosion of its market share following a Bing platform that is powered by AI has led some investors edgy and search by the way overall as a market by 2028 is poised to be approximately 500 million dollars primarily due to its AI capabilities.

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