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In a scrappy win against Luton Town, Casemiro’s name once again found itself etched into the referee’s book. The Brazilian midfielder, known for his robust style of play, received his eighth booking in the last 10 matches for a foul on Luton captain Carlton Morris.

However, what sparked controversy was his evasion of a potential second yellow card following a challenge on Ross Barkley, leaving the opposing side fuming and appealing for his dismissal.

Amidst the uproar, Dutch manager Ten Hag stepped forward to defend his player, shedding light on what he perceived as unjust treatment by match officials.

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“Even when he is not touching opponents he gets booked. Often the first moment of the game,” expressed Ten Hag during a post-match press conference. “I think it’s crazy and it was so unfair that first booking. That second could have been so that’s why I took him off. He touches an opponent and he gets booked,” he added, emphasizing his dissatisfaction with the decisions made.

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Looking beyond the immediate incident, Casemiro’s disciplinary record has been a point of concern, having been sent off twice last season for United, resulting in a total ban of eight matches. Despite this, Ten Hag highlighted the midfielder’s positive impact on the team since his return from injury in January, praising his ability to instill calmness and organization on the field.

As Manchester United continues to climb the Premier League ladder, currently on their best run of form this season, questions arise about their next steps. With key matches against top-four rivals looming, including a clash with Fulham next Saturday, maintaining their winning streak remains imperative.

Casemiro’s plight serves as a reminder of the fine line between aggression and discipline in football, prompting discussions not only about individual players but also about the broader dynamics of the sport.

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