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Despite Messi being the greatest of all time and goal records, it is surprising that in his career, he didn’t score against all teams before joining Inter Miami.

In this short article, we will delve into the exclusive list of 7 clubs where Lionel Messi’s prolific scoring record remains uncharted territory before joining Inter Miami. 

From legendary defensive strategies to memorable matchups, Join us on a journey through the unexplored, as we uncover the opponents that posed a challenge to Messi’s goal-scoring prowess 

7 Clubs Messi Hasn’t Scored Against


In his first season with the senior team in 2004-05, Barcelona crashed to an embarrassing 1-0 loss to lowly Gramenet in the Copa Del Rey. 17-year-old Messi returned goalless 

2) AL – SADD 🇸🇦 

Barcelona won 4-0 against Al-Sadd in the semifinals of the 2011 Club World Cup, but Lionel Messi, who played the entirety of the match, was off target 🎯

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3) XEREZ 🇪🇸 

Despite losing both ties with Barcelona that season 2009-10, Xerez managed to successfully keep Lionel Messi in check 

4) MURCIA 🇪🇸 

Barcelona played against Murcia 4 times in last decade but Messi played only one of them and cudnt score in May 2008 🥲

5) UDINESE 🇮🇹 

2005 Champions League Barcelona won 4-1 against Udinese, Messi played 70 min of first leg and sat on bench on second leg 

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Rubin Kazan have featured only twice in the Champions League. On each occasion, they were drawn in the same group as Barcelona, but managed to shut out Lionel Messi each time 🥶🥶


Surprised? Don’t be, for there’s something about the Nerazzurri that has always spelled ill for Lionel Messi. He has not only failed to fire but has also missed a lot of games against them due to injury 🤯🤯

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